Be Grateful

10 Jun

When you and I see this picture of poor children, we will surely think that we are more fortunate than them in life. We need to remind ourselves how lucky we are and be thankful and be grateful for everything we have. Maybe your grandparents will always say , “Waste not, want not” , then you think that they are just crapping. However, they are not!

We have much more than what we need to be content. Let us try not to feed this endless cycle of consumerism and immorality. Maybe we can lend a helping hand in many different ways. It does not mean that you must donate only to show your compassion to the less fortunate ones. We can pray sincerely to God that their lives can change in a better way.

Complaining will not solve any problems but giving is more important to help the others. An awareness created will someday brings a solution. Imagine yourself being in a situation like this, don’t you hope for people to help you out from poverty? Lastly, stop complaining that you hate your veggies, stop complaining that you hate your life! Be grateful of what God has give to you and to all of us.


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