A Letter For You

11 Jun

I have a teacher, a very good English teacher. She is Christian and she always spreads the word of God in class. She is amiable, kind and religious. She gave me a letter and these are the extracts from the lovely letter:

Experience a vibrant relationship with the Lord our God.

Always use the bible, God’s words as the reference in living our lives and walk closely in His way.

Respect for the Lord leads us to obey Him is the beginning point for wisdom, learning and knowledge.

We may use lose the thrill of accepting the Lord as our personal saviour after many years down the road.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. (James 4 : 8)

Stay firm in your faith to the very end of the age.

She is the servant of the Lord and so am I. Let us have an intimate relationship with the Lord and may He bless our lives. Amen!Love Struck


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