Funny Quotes

9 Jul

Today, I had a great laugh in my class together with my classmates. It is so funny for people to contradict themselves when they speak. You are always not aware of what you speak but people do actually listen carefully if they want to.

THINK before you speak, PLAN before you perform and please, don’t make a fool out of yourself!

I thank you for this lovely love letter but I am extremely disappointed with you for writing this letter.

One example, how can you love a letter and then suddenly say that you feel disappointed when you receive this letter.

Am I biased? Yes, I am biased. I am biased to the other classes but not to you. I am not biased to you.

Please, if you are biased, say YES. If you are not biased, say NO!

I stand here everyday teaching with all my love… although I teach you all like bullshit or an idiot.

Hello? One moment this person said that he or she loves to teach but one moment he or she said that specific person is claiming himself or herself as an idiot. This person is definitely pulling my legs the whole day.

Am I stressed? Did you go to the whole clinics and hospitals in Penang and said that I am stressed? Or did you see a word ‘stressed’ on my forehead

That is insanely crazy. Fine, you tell us that you are not stressed and you are making yourself stressed by teaching us. What the yell is this?

According to my analyzing, analyzing,…

Bad grammatical mistake and he or she repeated the word twice, I am like going to laugh my head off.

As a conclusion, prepare a script if you are not sure whether what you are talking that day. Be prepared by questions and critics as you perform on stage. Don’t be afraid when people start questioning you, take them as watermelons that needs crushing! One friendly advice here, DON’T MAKE A FOOL OUT OF YOURSELF!

God bless!


2 Responses to “Funny Quotes”

  1. Dnomsed July 9, 2008 at 12:29 pm #

    Haha. I’m laughing right now.
    How funny to contradict yourself. I do that too, but no, I don’t do it. [get it? xp]
    We can’t expect perfection from her. Quoting Ms. Yeoh, Humans are imperfect.
    In fact, very imperfect. So no choice loh, have to live like that. Good thing we have God, friends and family. If I were God, I don’t know what humans would be like….im-im-im-imperfect! haha. lol.
    Making a fool out of yourself? Don’t worry, as long as you are not insane. Instead, you learn for experience. haha.
    God bless!

  2. Philip July 9, 2008 at 12:35 pm #

    In life, you will meet all kinds of people with different personalities and attitudes. Some people will be very easy to get along with, and unfortunately some will not. It becomes even more difficult when we have to work under such a person, be it in office or in school.

    Think positive and repel her negative ways with your positive thoughts. As I’ve always said, don’t sweat the small stuff. Go quickly but gently over the mud holes and you’ll be fine.

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