11 Jul

When you apply for a job in a company, they will ask you have a session of interview with the big bosses. People, including me, will get nervous because they feel intimidated by their questions. The interviewer will keep shooting questions to you until you are lost of words, then they are happy. The more you feel nervous, the more they will ask you. Like a bad dream, huh?

A tip that I always tell myself, is to remain calm and keep focus. Look at the big bosses’ eyes straight. Do not attempt to look elsewhere because you are giving them bad impression. Don’t twist your fingers, look at your watch, brush your hair up, bite your fingernails etc. that will make you even nervous. Smile and be courteous at all times and don’t try to be funny in front of them.

Think before you start answering your question. Interview, something that will not be so bad if you prepare earlier on. With your qualifications to the job, it will be no problem for you.

On 12/7/08, there will be a singing audition held in my school. I was the champion last year and I want to try my luck again. I love to sing, I love to sing. Again, I will keep telling myself, don’t be nervous in front of the judges. Wish me luck! God bless. Amen.


3 Responses to “Interview”

  1. dnomseD July 12, 2008 at 8:35 am #

    Sorry, not much to comment on. Just wanna know what song did you sing and how did you do.

    By the way, Marcus said in his blog that he went to PCC and change his worship style to be much more ‘hotter’. PCC is Penang christian centre, famous for their active youth, ISCA[i think?] Joshua Khoo and Samuel goes there. Don’t misunderstand. I felt weird when you told me with the other meaning. Please, don’t spoil Marcus name next time. haha. It’s already bad enough.

    God bless again. I didn’t do very well with my baptism testimony but, OHHH! How nice was today’s morning! The family day’s games were wonderful! You should have come if you didn’t have had the singing competition.


  2. brandonks July 12, 2008 at 12:15 pm #

    I’m sorry I have misunderstood Marcus’ meaning. See, stay calm before you give your testimony in church, but I’m sure God won’t mind as long as you have the heart to be baptized.

    I sang a chinese song and I forgot the lyrics a bit. Dang song. It’s such a pity that I can’t participate your Family Day game thingy, assistant secretary. God bless

  3. Malignant March 27, 2010 at 8:25 pm #

    Failed your ” stress interview”? lols joking

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