Injection Day

24 Jul

The word injection gives many of us chills, because it hurts a lot. Either I am exaggerating this topic, or I am just afraid of the tiny needle.

I am very sorry to the nurses out there but you gals totally suck at these things. I don’t know what kind of antiseptic you put onto our skin and then injects us somewhere not on the spot? You gals put the needle and then pull it out as if it is sticking onto our skin forever. I thought nurses should service with a smile but there is only one nurse I see smiling, the rest are just pulling their long faces.

One of my classmate purposely strained his muscles so he kinda yelled and we were all laughing at him. Do you know there is a high chance that the needle can break inside your body? anyway, I feel a little dizzy after that stupid injection.

That kind of injection is about Tetanus Toxoid. Third Formers are supposed to get this injection, and IT IS FREE! No wonder the service was also very…

The aftermath of the injection was normally sick. Many of my classmates are sick today, like having fever, feeling noxious, feeling dizzy but they all make it to school. Bravo for them!

Anyway, prevention is better than cure! So, it is good for us to have this injection. I personally hope that the nurses will improve their SERVICE from worst to best! God bless!


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