Pocketful of Sunshine

25 Jul

Feeling a little emo today? feeling a little depressed today? It looks like you need a POCKETFUL OF SUNSHINE! If you are not getting what you want now, don’t feel disappointed yet! When one door closes to you, there will be other doors that will be open for you!

Anyway, I recently listened to Natasha Bedingfield‘s songs and they are awesome! Her “Unwritten” and “Pocketful of Sunshine” are amazing with fabulous lyrics.

You should listen to her song often!

I think that everyone in my school, practically almost everyone I know went a little hysterical. They have gotten themselves emotional too much! Some people manage their EQ are just too amateur. Maybe it is the effect of that injection I mentioned. Nah, I bet not! Mood swings, maybe we have it sometimes under pressure but it must be in control within your hands or else someone will be mad in that scenario. Maybe I should call “Chung Ling’s Emo Day 2008”.

I have written a new entry in my Poetry and Songs, check it out! Have fun with your life!


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