The Flu

29 Jul

The sick season in Chung Ling is back again, with more virus in it. If you are sitting with someone sick, I advice you to get away from that person, or else it is Panadol for you! Anyway, if the class has the virus in it, you better be careful if you are weak.

I got sick, I got a cold! Dang cold! My mucus in the nose was running and flowing like water, actually it was not sticky but very watery! I ended up using 2 packets of tissue papers, ate 6 Panadols, blah blah. The weather here in Malaysia is not warm and humid anymore, it is rather hot and warm, halfway to the Sahara Desert due to pollutants and some activities done by some bunch of morons. Cutting the trees, open burning, unfiltered waste from factories and many more.

I am considered lucky (thank God) compared to the others. Some had a high fever, sore throat, feeling noxious and headache. The bug is invading our body soon and we actually need to be more healthy to conquer the bug. Stop polluting the environment, it is deteriorating very fast. Stop destroying our Earth, we need to live still! Actually, eating Panadol is not good for your health as Panadol is one kind of drug. If you consume that drug too much, it can corrode your liver and endanger your health.

Some people will think that consulting the doctor is a waster of money, petrol and time because all they can give you is Antibiotic, Panadol and those common medicine that you hate to see in your life. Some people think that staying at home is very fun because you can play video games, or some even want to take this opportunity to skip school. I know you guys! I decide to go to school, not because I want to spread the virus, but to me, it is vital that we learn things in school especially PMR year!

You hate flu, I hate flu, in fact, everybody hates flu! Nobody wants to work under a flu, you will get tired easily and cannot concentrate properly. It is important for us to exercise in order to stay fit and healthy, and at least stay away from the bug!

Ok, the results for CHUNG LING’S NEXT TOP TEACHER is out! 7 teachers went to China for their first Cover Teacher commercial shoot and photo ad. Some stumbled but some was flawless. In the end, it was a surprise double elimination and H’ng Siew Lee with Wong Sook Fung was eliminated. They could not produce stunning commercial and picture compared to the others. 5 teachers remaining, who will be eliminated next?


One Response to “The Flu”

  1. Dnomsed July 30, 2008 at 7:12 am #

    Nauseous, you mean. haha
    no other comments.
    [ask God!] quoted from miss LHL.


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