Debate Competition

1 Aug

Ok, when my Chinese teacher appointed me to be one of the representative for the Chinese debate team, I freaked out in my little heart. I knew that my ability to answer questions fast was not really good. Then, I felt that maybe giving it a try would be good, so I decided to take on the challenge.

We have to undergo 3 rounds before reaching the finals, but we only got through 2 of them. We lost in the semi-finals (sobbing). To be honest, we were not the strongest team in the debate competition and we were plain lucky to get through the preliminary rounds.

This competition is basically voicing out your ideas about the motion given. Then, we have rebuttal session for 5 minutes, where anyone in the team can rebut what the opponent had just said. I was very weak at that because I feared that I would give the wrong answer. Well, my fear of giving the wrong answer had taken over me. Compared to the others, I stood at least twice only when the other stood more than 5 times. I am very happy that I can gain some experience from this competition, but my interest is not 300% in it. I don’t feel the passion in this competition as much as singing and public speaking.

The winning team was from 3TA2, which my good friends are in. Although they made several mistakes on stage, they managed to pull it over and gained their glory as champion. Bravo to you guys! They made Third Formers proud by winning. They will be having a celebration party soon! Don’t miss it.

The Internet today is dead slow. I am not sure what has happened to it but it needs to be repaired quick! The results for Top Model is out. It was bye bye to Miss Yeoh Pheng Geok as she did not deliver her pictures well this week. She lost in the challenge miserably and she was sent home. Sweet girl was sent home, haiz!


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