Top 5 Female Singers (Part 2)

7 Aug

Here I go again.

2nd Place

Kelly Clarkson

She is the best American Idol ever. She deserves to win the title for her beauty and her voice. I was shocked a tone time that she venture into rock music but she is fine with it. I don’t like her album “Never Again” but in the long run, she has special rank in my heart. I like her “Since You’ve Been Gone”, “A Moment Like This” and “Breakaway”. I hope she can produce a much better music album so that I will love her music more. Hehe!


Celine Dion

Bravo, superstar diva. She has a fantastic vocal that can sing practically almost every song. She is one of the most successful singer in this whole wide world. I have almost every album from her and I also like her “Taking Chances” Album. She is so versatile that she can sing English and French (because she was born in Canada). Her songs are the best of the best that no one can take her place. I LOVE YOU, CELINE!

That’s all. Have a nice day!


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