Diagnostic test

8 Aug

I always heard from my friend, Chin Chen Hee, that the Olympic Mathematics Test is so hard that he has to crack his head to solve each questions. I know I am still not up to the standard to do such papers but we have some kind of the Malaysia Version of the Olympic Mathematics. It is called the DIAGNOSTIC TEST!

Before seeing my blog post, just take a look at the front page, ok?


Looks interesting from the front, but looks can be deceiving. Do not ever judge a book by its cover! Now, take a look at the questions we have here. 


You can enlarge it somehow.

This is not even PMR standard. I think that if I lend my text book to a Standard 4 student, teach him the basic, he can just take this test and pass with thousands of flying colours. I mean like, who the hell asks about “Which one is diameter in a circle”? I thought we can be prepared from this paper but it seems like it is just a normal, crappy paper. The questions need to be standardized and make the level higher so that WE CAN THINK!

I am not going to be a racist but if we want Malaysia to improve, this is not the solution. By helping your “fellow race” in this test is not going to help somehow. The Chinese, Indians and Malays must have a more standard paper to test with, so we can improve. I am not going to ask the whoever is in charge to do papers like Olympics but please, do something before it is too late.

It is good that Science and Mathematics are in English but we need to take this to the next level. In this whole papers, they ask similar questions over and over again. 35 questions, I was so energetic this morning but as the sun rises, this test bores me to hell. Then, we have this so-called Listening Test that we actually have to listen to the teacher and answer the questions. Ugh, PMR has nothing like this.

PMR, PMR, PMR. Dear Ministry of Education, it is time for you guys to set something better. Don’t make Malaysia a worse place to live in, it is useless. Everyone is hoping that Malaysia can improve but up till now, I am not convinced at all! We are lucky that our English standard is higher than the other poorer countries but compared to Europe and American English, we are like a crap of shit. Do something.

Not only this, we have to these kind of papers for 1 more week, for Science and Mathematics. Yes, we have to be careful although it is east! Remember.

There will be a PMR standard paper for Geography next Wednesday, so this is what we call a test!

Have a nice day, you guys! There will be the final results of CHUNG LING’S NEXT TOP TEACHER, who will be the winner? Who will be our teacher modal? Check it out here.


3 Responses to “Diagnostic test”

  1. dnomseD August 8, 2008 at 11:23 am #

    Yes, the diagnostic test is pretty meaningless like that. But it’s just to know people’s standard, not challenge them. So it’s quite alright, but I don’t understand why are they doing this. We already have PMR exam right? Why do we need this test anymore? On the other hand, it consumes so much time [even though some students think of it as fun, coz no homework], that the schedule is topsy-turvy.

    Anyway, just look at the positive side. ok, Jesus bless you.

  2. samc August 9, 2008 at 5:16 am #

    “We are lucky that our English standard is higher than the other poorer countries but compared to Europe and American English, we are like a ___. Do something.”

    Hate to tell you this, but our english papers? GONE CASE. I took a placement test for English reading comprehension here in US to see if I could get into honors, nd you know what? You know how fast I usually finish my english papers right? Well, for forty questions, i barely had enough time to finish in forty minutes. I got into honors, but I’m telling you, give this to the schools here in Penang and most of them will die. DIE I tell you.

    Math was even worse. I had to do geometry/algebra and it was awful. I haven’t learned half the things yet. And it sounds like we only learn them in form 4. And so, what is Malaysia doing about these kind of standards? I nearly died here, and I’m not exactly dumb, (Sorry, mst be perasan sikit haha) and so imagine those people who are..cough..less uh intelligently endowed than us?

    I’m telling you, it’s no wonder that everyone’s escaping.

    Concluding my lengthy comment with a wink,

  3. Philip Yeoh August 9, 2008 at 8:55 am #

    The Malaysian education system went to the dogs a long time ago, when they converted EVERY subject into BM, way back in 1979. I remember this because I was the last batch to do all the subjects in English.

    Coupled with this awful change is the lack of preparedness of the Education Ministry in training teachers. When they decided to convert Science and Math back to English, these teachers were simply not prepared at all. Let’s not say anything about the students too.

    Like Sam said, Malaysian students only realize this big shortcoming they have with English when they go abroad for further studies. By then it’s just too late. And then they have to grapple with additional English classes, especially during the Freshman and Sophomore years.

    When I went abroad to study in the UK and US, I didn’t have problems of that sort because English was used during my school years. I actually aced the TOEFL test and did pretty well in the SAT tests.

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