Diagnostic Test Part 2

9 Aug

Well, had my Mathematics Test yesterday, so it is time for Science. I love Science because I have a passion for it and because my Form Three Science teacher is wonderful. Almost perfect.

From the scale of 1 to 10, I say the Science standard is around 4!!!!!!! 4!!!!!!!!

The test is actually a revision for students who wants to know the outlines of the chapters. It is just a basic to every students, even the C class students in my school said it was easy, so what do you think about the standard in Malaysia? There were only 2 to 3 questions that are really PMR standard, which asked about experiment but it is not sufficient.

My friend, Samantha Chong, from America, originated from Malaysia, said that she needed to take some sort of test to get into honours, is that right? She got stuck a little bit in the English paper for the American standard because the standard there is higher than Malaysia by 300%. Well, I have to say that my friend is very capable in English, that is why she got stuck A LITTLE BIT. If a typical Malaysian takes the test, then it should be the end of the world for him. Not to underestimate our citizens in Malaysia, but the effort done by our dear Ministry of Education of improving our English standard is in vain. 

So, it is time for us, not only us, but everyone to pull up their socks in improving the standard of English here in Malaysia. We cannot just stay on one spot forever, it is no use.

Let’s change the subject, did you see the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics 2008 last night?

I did, from RTM1. I was amazed at their choreography in the opening ceremony that every dancers did their part and they synchronized well to fit the music. They danced joyfully and their costumes were stunning. They danced elegantly and they had all sorts of performance arranged to let us see. I thought Celine Dion was singing in that opening ceremony but it turned out they had some “mishaps” going on. They let Sarah Brightman perfomed with another unknown Chinese man to me. She was gorgeous but I did not know what she was singing. Her voice was very nice but I could hear “You and me” and “We are family”. That’s all.

Then, it was time for the representatives from various countries to come out and greet the audience. I remembered Greece came out first and China last. Malaysia was somewhere in the middle and EWWWW, their Baju Melayu and black Songkok? And their material of the Baju Melayu? Was that silk? It was fugly. Wear something that represents Malaysia, not Malays! I know, the Malay leaders will be proud but we need to be one for Malaysia. One World, One Dream, that is the tagline. So, One Malaysia, One Costume? and that costume is Baju Melayu? So not good. It represents the culture in Malaysia but please wear something that represents the races in Malaysia. I am not trying to be a racist, bear that in mind, fellow readers.

Till then, I will see you in my next post, toodles!


One Response to “Diagnostic Test Part 2”

  1. yr best friend August 9, 2008 at 11:28 am #

    absolutely correct toh, diagnostic test low…………………n no qua……..

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