The Memoirs of 2TA5

9 Aug

Hello, fellow readers! It is me again. Before I slept this afternoon, I thought about the memories of class 2TA5 and the friends I had. By the way, we had another crazy replacement day for Hari Raya, and some more diagnostic tests.

I can tell you that I am actually not very sociable. I keep things to myself most of the time when I am in school. It looks like I am more quiet in class, but that turns out to be incorrect. If I feel comfortable in a place, I will be very loud and bombastic. Not in the sense that I turn to be arrogant, but I speak my mind. When I do so, I can offend some people a bit but I am changing my attitude. 

People think that I am very bossy but that is not true. I have my opinions and comments and I tell you because you are my friend and I want you to make a change, it is not that I am trying to be aggressive and make people think that I am bossy.

I have bonded special friendships with some friends. I really appreciate them for having me as a true friend. They advice me, they are there for me, they share their happiness with me, they share their problems with me, it is a very special friendship for me that I really treasure forever. 

See the poem in the picture? A real friendship has to undergo some misunderstandings and some arguments. I think that God really puts his plans to everything with perfect timing that tests our friendship. There is no class photo of 2TA5, it wastes too much space over here, haha!

Till then, I shall see you the next time I blog. Memories will not fade from my mind, it takes time to cherish it and treasure it. God bless you all!


One Response to “The Memoirs of 2TA5”

  1. Dnomsed August 13, 2008 at 10:22 am #

    Yea, cherish our friends[especially old ones]
    Don’t worry, you are[not] a bossy guy, it’s just that you get excited easily at some occasions. Just don’t think you are the boss of my food each and everyday!

    ;D Jesus bless this blog and its blogger. lol

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