Poem Competition

20 Aug

Greetings, fellow readers! Sorry for the late update for my blog because I was in Kedah to attend my poem competition. Our school, Chung Ling High School, was champion in the state finals, so we will continue to compete with other schools from various states in Malaysia. I felt kind of nervous because this was my first time attending this kind of competition.

Before I go on, I think I will put this blog diary in present tense form, I hope you don’t mind about that. Right, it is time to introduce my team members for our school team, they are Lim Wooi Keat, Chen Chin Chern and Lee Yuan Jun.

Alor Star Poem Competition 001 Alor Star Poem Competition 002

On the left is Lim Wooi Keat and on the right is Chen Chin Chern. I don’t have a good picture of my fourth team member wo.


We are supposed to meet at Greenland Petronas to be ferried by a minister by car. We feel so anxious, nervous, excited, happy and all other feelings at one time. We do not know what is coming up for us because we do not receive any itinerary for the competition. We also listen to Britney Spears’ Blackout album throughout the whole journey, Chin Chern is a big fan of her despite her downfall in the music industry and her comeback in that arena. Before heading to Alor Star (our destination), we stop at somewhere in Butterworth to attend a Malay wedding, which I do not know what relationship between that minister and the Malay family is. I have eaten my lunch and so does my team mates, so we did not eat anything there. Besides that, there are thousands of flies, roaming around the compound. The not-so-hygienic place makes me uncomfortable all the time. To lose the boredom, Chin Chern play the Catch-The- Flies game by attempting to catch as many flies as possible in one go. We laugh and laugh as Chin Chern continues to act his hilarious acts in catching the flies.

Instead of eating Bunga Telur, we have a box of mini chocolate cupcake as a gift from the Malay family. Finally, I settle down on a cup of orange juice, which I do not know if there was an invasion of flies on that drink.

Alor Star Poem Competition 005

After that, we continue our journey on to Alor Star for one and a half hours. We received a memo before that we will be staying in CB Hotel. Actually, it should be Sentosa Regency Hotel but as the inflation thingy goes on, the Government decides that all participants of national competitions can only stay in a motel or a low-class hotel. Our hearts, especially Chin Chern, is broken into zillions of pieces. CB hotel, not the CB you are thinking right now, but it is the name of the boss. When we finally arrive in Alor Star, we immediately check into CB Hotel. The funny thing is that the big sign outside says CB Hotel, but when we climb up the stairs to the highest floor, it says CB Motel. Hmm, isn’t that against the law of deceiving consumers?

I am quite satisfied that we can live in a place, better than beggars. Our room number is B8. And we get in, we find that there are 5 beds, cramped in one room, two miniature bathrooms, television and that is it. Sounds good? How about this, NO blankets, NO towels, NO kettle, NO phone, NO cupboards, NO irons and NO hangers. This is called a motel, fellow readers! Here are some pictures to let you see.

Alor Star Poem Competition 007 Alor Star Poem Competition 008

The toilet and the beds.

Alor Star Poem Competition 010

The what-we-all-call dressing table, very interesting?

Also, I get a picture of the one and only Alor Setar trademark, and I am not sure what is that actually, do you know what this tower is?

Alor Star Poem Competition 006

After checking in, we rest, we bathe, we laugh, we sleep and we watch TV. Nothing but a bunch of stress-free contestants. We are supposed to have our dinner at 6:30 pm in Restoran Anggerik, but the buses arrive at 7:30 pm. Maybe it is the typical tradition of Chinese? This is very pathetic, the organizers must arrange the buses on time so that they will humiliate their own state, Kedah. We have our dinner at around 8 pm. The food there is horrible, if I may I add one more thing, it sucks. I just eat a few dishes on the table and watch the Lee Chong Wei in action with Lin Dan in the Olympics Men Singles’ Badminton Finals.

Alor Star Poem Competition 014

I root for Lee Chong Wei but maybe he was too stressed so he lost to Lin Dan quite miserably. Never mind, he still wins a silver medal for Malaysia, finally! After the dinner, we go back to the hotel or motel? and sleep to prepare ourselves for the competition (semi-finals) the next day. Before we sleep, Chin Chern and I request for some blankets and towels.

When the workers come up with the things we need, we are quite pleased, although the blankets are like bathroom towels and the towels are like floor mats. What do we have to say?

I shall continue on my diary in the next post, then!


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  1. philipyeoh August 26, 2008 at 2:49 am #

    Very well-written post…congratulations! And to have a Google page rank of 3/10, you’re on your way to stardom!

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