Poem Competition (Part 2)

22 Aug

And so, from my last blog post, you have all know about the facilities that CB Motel has offered to us. Now, let’s take a look about what my team members have to say.


Obviously, they are not happy with it, but at least we have a place to stay in, don’t you think? The cute little chubby boy in blue is Yuan Jun, our fourth team member, and the guy in pink is Chin Chern, a big fan of Celine Dion and Nike.

Still on the first day, after our dinner in Restoran Anggerik, we head back to our motel. The problem is that Wooi Keat has followed another person’s car without us knowing it. We are so worried about him that night until we cannot sleep at 12 midnight, and mind you, the competition is the next day. We wait, and we wait, and we wait………………. Then around 12.30 am, Wooi Keat slowly climb the stairs with two luggage by his side and knock on our room door. We are so relieved by then and our FIRST DAY and NIGHT is that so miserable, if I have to say that by myself.


Rise and shine, ladies and gentlemen! We wake up at 4.30 in the morning, with the request from Chin Chern, to “open” our voice and to make the last push to our practice. Actually, we are all freezing cold because we think that the air-clip_image004

conditioner there is another cheap thing with have, so we put the temperature to 16clip_image006 , can you believe how frigid that room is?

So, we prepare ourselves and practice our poem for the last time, before heading down to the main entrance to wait for the bus. Thankfully, the bus is not that late like last night, so we get on the bus, rest for a while, before reaching our venue, Dewan Al-Farabi, the hall, you may ask, is like the centre stage of Dewan Sri Pinang, so it is quite small compared to our hall, back in Esplanade.

There is the front entrance of the hall, with the banner.


Our hearts are beating very fast and our hands are starting to get colder and colder. We know that this is going to be the make-it-or-break-it place for us to show what Penangnites have in Chinese Poem Recital. Before stepping in the hall, we go to the canteen, just opposite the hall, to have our breakfast.

Well, we expect that the breakfast should be something light and not spicy, so that the spiciness would not kill our voice. When we open up our breakfast, it is….


SPICY NOODLES?! Like, you organizers prepare something spicy for all of us, are you framing us? I see those little kids, aged 7 to 9, complaining to their teachers that the food is too spicy for them. I pity them so much!

In the end, I just drink some tea with milk to cleanse my stomach, without having that noodles. We feel quite tired because we slept late the other night and of course, our nerves just gets in the way, and controls our minds, like disastrous monsters, trying to manipulate us.

After the not-so-healthy breakfast, we immediately go into the hall to register our names. We get Number 7, that means we are the seventh team to go up the stage. There are 3 categories in this competition, PRIMARY SCHOOL CATEGORY, LOWER SECONDARY CATEGORY and HIGHER SECONDARY CATEGORY. We are under the second category, so we have ample time to prepare ourselves before going for the war.

Here are some pictures to show what is in Dewan Al-Farabi:


As Chin Chern tells me, the organizers have cut cost compared to Kuala Lumpur’s two years ago. They have two large screens beside the stage so that they won’t have to print tons of books, containing the same materials. Quite smart of them, huh? Every contestants need to wear a name tag to identify that they are the participants of this competition. There, we see all our competitors from various states in Malaysia but we do not let them intimidate us, we should be the ones to let them being intimidated by us.

After seeing 13 cute performances by the primary school children, including Penang, it is time for the second category to move on. The judges are introduced, then the rules are announced before we perform. I must say that there are a lot of good competitors, like Perak, Kuala Lumpur and Johor. They really give out the essence of poem in their performance and I am amazed by them. I remember, when we get onto the stage, we are feeling like the whole spotlight is on us, in fact, the glory of Penang is in our hands. It is up to us to regain the glory of Penang.

However, luck isn’t at our side at the beginning of our performance. Our timing with the music is out, our microphone has an issue and our emotions are not as good as the other. We still continue on with our performance and do not even stop for a second. We perform till the end like brave soldiers, protecting their country. We tell ourselves, we have try our best and the results are still within the judges’ decision.

Immediately after our performance, we head back to the motel because we feel very tired after that. We do not watch the rest of the performance but bathing and relaxing in the hotel. I get a good shower, and I am in desperate mode to need one, because my pants got nearly stuck in a filthy drain, and my shoes and legs are slightly slimy. LOL.

We play cards for a while before napping.

I shall continue the rest of our second day and third day in Kedah in my next post. See you then!


One Response to “Poem Competition (Part 2)”

  1. philipyeoh August 26, 2008 at 2:51 am #

    Another great post; it chronicles an interesting story about your days and nights spent in Kedah. Wonderful!

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