Poem Competition (Part 3)

27 Aug

Before continuing on our journey, we stop for a quick lunch as we are starving. We have our not-so-delicious- lunch at Chia Bee Bak Kut Teh Restaurant, and…

Alor Star Poem Competition 028

You see the woman beside Chin Chern, do you see any resemblance? do you see any similarities? If you do see, I shall say you are smart, because this woman is Chin Chern’s mother. The woman behind our team, I shall say. She gives us the final push when we are practicing, she gives us encouragement to everyone of us. Thank you very much, Aunty! I salute you!

Then, all of us, including all contestants and teachers, are taken to an Organic Factory, not to observe those sort of organic fruits and vegetables but just to go there, waste our 45 minutes to listen to a presentation. I mean, why must you let us listen to your presentation? We don’t even understand what are you offering, dude!

Then, we go to Lye Huat Garden to have a tour around it, to see various scenery in the garden. Finally, a place that is like a place! Over there, you can see the beautiful greeneries, various types of birds and animals and ancient antiques from China. I admire the beauty in that garden. It is almost perfect!

Alor Star Poem Competition 058

We have a group shot, with my 3 friends.

Alor Star Poem Competition 036

Wooi Keat, me, Yuan Jun and Chin Chern.

Alor Star Poem Competition 055

A non-professional shot of the mimic of Penang Hill. The artist who did should be shot at the head, you know? Our KOMTAR has fallen, as if it was invaded by the Japanese again.

For dinner, we have it in a Thai restaurant. The food there is above average. We cannot eat normally because the results are going to be announced, you know! HELP US! Eat, eat, eat, eat as much as you can, you cannot catch me, I’m the results of the finalists!

Pasukan yang akan masuk ke final untuk kategori sekolah menengah rendah ialah Perak, Pahang, Johor, Kuala Lumput dan PULAU PINANG

Yuan Jun and I are delighted with the results but not Chin Chern and Wooi Keat, not because they are not happy to go through, but they have already know it in the afternoon, thanks to Chin Chern’s mother! CC and WK play a joke on us that a “special guest” will be coming during our diner time and we never expect that the “guest” is the invitation to the finals, baby! Supposing we should be screaming at the top of our lungs, but we are too shocked until no words come out from our mouth. WE MADE IT!

That night, we “party” in our hotel room, eating roti canai with our dear Puan Leong Soon Pooi, sounds familiar? She is our teacher-in-charge for our Penang state. She is like our mother, very kind and caring to us.

Playing cards, eh? A little too occupied, I guess? Chin Chern advised us to sleep early but we ignored him. Come on, we muse celebrate a bit for our victory. In case you don’t, we have already break a record for Penangnites, that is to move forward to the finals, Top 5, to compete for one last time. Penang has not even go on, and we have bring back the glory by going through. Then, a dark storm cloud land into our Penang team, the claps of thunder and lighting coming, the rain come pouring, and the evil Satan comes to meet Yuan Jun! He is too greedy, eating the Roti Canai until his stomach has an ache to it. He could not stop going to toilet, and he visits the toilet four times! We are so worried until we have to find Puan Leong for some medicine to ease his pain. Luckily, almighty God comes for the rescue and chase away Satan, and Yuan Jun is saved! No more toilet rolls to spare! He is healthy again!


We wake up at 5.30 am. After the preparing, practicing, exercising and all the fun, we head on to Al-Farabi again for our final competition there. 

Alor Star Poem Competition 029

The building hidden behind the trees is the Jabatan Pelajaraan Negeri Kedah.

Our teachers, Miss Lim Gaik Hoon and Madam Tan Lon Eng attend the competition too to support us. Thank you teacher! We are Number 5, meaning the last team in our category. This time, I am not that nervous and our microphone issue is gone. We performed  the best we can give and are quite pleased with that, although all our teachers say that it lacks of emotions.

We can only hope for the best from the judges. In the end,

Pasukan yang memenangi tempat kelima adalah pasukan dari




We are happy because we make it that far and a little disappointed because we are so close in winning the title. Plus, WE CANNOT OBTAIN GERKO MARKS IN OUR SCHOOL! The moment the emcee says, “PU…”, my heart sinks faster than Titanic. We do not cry but our hearts are bleeding in agony. Never mind la, since we can get into the finals, that means we are the 5th best in Malaysia. Thank God!

Alor Star Poem Competition 067

A group picture for Penang!

The teacher clad in brown is Miss Lim Gaik Hoon, Lim Wooi Keat (faker), Chen Chin Chern (Candyman), Brandon Yeoh (me), Lee Yuan Jun (cutie), Puan Leong Soon Pooi (teacher-in-charge) and Puan Tan Lon Eng.

We are still proud of our achievement although we lose to 4 teams. Perak is the overall champion. Congratulations to them! So, next year, Perak will be the host state for the competition. If I happen to go there to compete, PLEASE MAKE YOUR STATE PROUD! Do something better than this! Thank you.

Our journey practically ends here. An unforgettable experience and a lesson learnt in life. We may not be the winner but we are still the winner of many hearts. We actually learn something from losing and we have to make sure that we don’t condemn to repeat it.

God bless!

If I happen to miss out anything, friends from the Penang team, do tell me! I will add in in my next post!

Want to know the results of my singing competition? Next post, then tell you lo.


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