Singing Competition

30 Aug

I have a passion for singing and I am loving it! If I am not mistaken, I learned to sing since I was 5 by myself. My granny taught me a little how to sing but she did not really teach me the techniques of singing correctly, so I just sing, sing and sing with not much practice from any vocal teacher. The only vocal teacher I have is myself, LOL!

I participated in a singing competition, organized by my school’s Choir Club. I was required to sing one Chinese song, and I picked

王力宏- 落葉歸根. An emotional song with very high range of vocals, which I changed it to my style and a very beautiful melody, probably the best song from him. I struggled with the chorus, where they were many falsetto there during the practice, so I toned it down to my range. I don’t like to move about on stage too much because you will make people feel that you are nervous. Don’t ever show that to them! 

That night, my mother and many supporters came to support me, but not as much as the other contestant, Cien Zen’s. He got his friends from Chung Ling Private, and his gang from his class, to vote for him. 80% of the results are given by the judges while 20% are from the audience’s votes. There are 10 contestants from my category but 2 have quitted due to some ‘technical problems’. Oh well, that narrows the chance to let me win.

Sing, sing, sing then sing. I got Number 8 initially but pushed to Number 6. Still feeling nervous after years performing on stage, but my mission is to sing with my heart out. When the emcee announces my number, I feel like a temporary star on stage as my supporters are shouting my names, thank you! The music starts and I start to sing. I practically get all in tune except for one note, then I think I think about that note too much until I forget one line in my song, but I hide my flaw and start to hum the tune, so I get away from it quite beautifully, except that Wooi Keat knows it. Oh well!

After my category, it is time for the next category, which I chat with my friends down stage. And, I meet with Eugenia Lee, one of my best friend in primary school. She is still so cute and chubby after all these years, and she still has the nice smile. Then, there is a performance on Indian belly dance, which is much more interesting for me. I have to say that the male belly dancer is superb, he can really use his stomach fat, or his asset to dance.

After hours of consideration and calculation of the voters, the emcee finally comes out on the stage and announce the winner. Well, I said I was Number 6, but when the emcee said,

The third prize winner goes to … Number 8, Brandon Yeoh (In Chinese)

Initially, I thought that Number 8 wasn’t my number, then my name was announced, I was in total shock! Third prize for me means so little to me. After a defeat for my poem recital competition, my name was called out first again! They ranked it from third to first position. No, what is wrong with me? But, I have 2 awards in one holiday, bravo to me!

Then, a Malay friend of mine, his father was not happy with the results, and he went up stage to argue with the organizers. He made a scene, after all! The audience went as quiet as a church mouse, not even a single needle was heard! I left after my name was called, not because of public humility but I have other errands to run then. I don’t know what’s after the argument but I heard that the results were not changed. Phew! 

That is all for today’s post! Again, don’t be too sad if you are not the winner (By the way, I was the champion for last year’s singing competition!), just get over it and move on!

Here’s wishing all PMR and SPM candidates to pass it with flying colours. God bless!


3 Responses to “Singing Competition”

  1. samc August 30, 2008 at 6:30 am #

    third. congrats. it’s still a podium finish after all. =) try again next year, right?

    OOH EUGENIA! I HAVEN’T HEARD FROM HER FOR SO LONGGG! I don’t think she still remembers me though..*bangs head*


  2. Brandon ks August 30, 2008 at 8:42 am #

    Thank you ,Sam. Thrid is ok but I think I can do better than that.

    I was shocked when I see Eugenia too, still hanging out with Adrian, you know?

    Have fun in America!

  3. samc August 31, 2008 at 2:55 am #

    haha like old times eh?

    aww, i remember the rumors of her and adrian..and, if i remember correctly.

    well, of course i remember correctly. =) my memory is good. Hah.

    please don’t kill me *runs away*

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