National Day 2008

1 Sep

Before I go on, let me make one point very clear to you. I always hear people, even from the radio, saying ‘Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan kepada Malaysia’ or we say ‘Happy Independence Day to Malaysia’ in English.I think, in my opinion, that they are making a wrong statement. It should be ‘Happy National Day to Malaysia’ or ‘Selamat Kebangsaan kepada Malaysia’. Independence Day only happened in Malaya once, that was on the 31st of August 1957, and it will not occur again unless Malaysia is invaded by other countries again in the future, which I don’t want it to happen in my life! So, get it right, people!

Let us not spoil the fun, shall we?

Happy National Day to Malaysia! It has been 51 years since Malaysia was independent from the British colony, that is one thing that is very memorable to the History of Malaysia. So, are you proud to become a Malaysian? Are you happy and willingly to stay in Malaysia for the rest of your life? I have conducted some sort of interview with my trustworthy friends and trust me, not many answered the above questions, saying “YES”! Jahatnya, semua orang ini!

Are you proud to become a Malaysian?

Yes and No. Yes, because I thank God that Malaysia is a multi-racial country, that can actually work together as one, and to have a variety of everything from their races. And, Malaysia is quite safe, compared to the other countries, where they have terrorists terrorizing the place, tsunami, flood, hurricanes, volcano eruption. No, because Malaysia does not offer better facilities to please the people here. They have been a bit too “berpihak” to one side, instead of balancing it up to everyone. Comparing to other countries like Taiwan, America and others, proved to us that Malaysia has a lot to jazz up, to accomplish Wawasan 2020.

Are you happy and willingly to stay in Malaysia for the rest of your life?

If everybody aggress to that, then there will a decrease of number of people, in moving out to other countries. Everyday they say, “Love our country, Love our country!” what so ever but they are still many families that opt to leave Malaysia for a better future. They can find jobs in Singapore, China or even in Dubai, so Malaysia, you have a lot to do, darling! Of course, for those who are in love with Malaysia because of what Malaysian people can give to them, they will choose to live here and to enjoy their retirement in this tropical country. Yes, many foreigners love to stay in Malaysia but it is so ironic to see that Malaysians, themselves choose to live in other places. Oh well!

We can see in the newspapers that political figures can appear to be a bit selfish. During the General election, A will say that B is not good, then B will say that A has committed a crime, then A will say that B had an affair, after that B will say that A is involved in swindling or other cases. Childish, perhaps? Like the old school days when two boys are fighting and the teacher asks, “Why do you want to hit him?”, then the student says, “Because he hit me first!”. Come one, grow up! Don’t repay evil by evil! Just compete with one another in a fair game, why do you want to stir up so much chaos?

However, Malaysia offers the world with beautiful sceneries, a thick essence of history, a melting pot of different races and many more. We have the beautiful Pulau Langkawi, the oldest forest in the world (Taman Negara), the highest mountain in Malaysia (Gunung Kinabalu) and the lists go on. We have a lot of heritage buildings to offer and a whole lot more of variety of everything to offer to everyone out there.

Be amazed with Malaysia! But there are still a lot of aspects to look into to make Malaysia a better country to live in! Pull up your socks in contributing the nation and to let Malaysia to become a fantastic country by 2020. Malaysia Boleh?


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