What Do Exams Have To Say?

12 Sep

Phew, came home quick just to write this blog post, you may applause if you like! Thank you, thank you!

LOL, just a brief introduction for me after two weeks of disappearance in this blog, I’m not abducted by aliens but the exam fever was approaching, so I had to prepare myself for it. Two agonizing weeks, well at least it was one week and two days.

I started out ok by writing essays of three languages and some objective questions. Then, Science was good for me and I have some confidence in that subject and I hope I won’t be disappointed. On Tuesday, it was Mathematics, one of the subjects that I hated the most last time but starting to like it. For Paper 1, I sweated a little as I was very unsure for some questions but wait until you see Paper 2.

I prefer not to call the teacher who set the questions a b**** but she made me use that word! I had done some reference books and I did not come across any questions that were so hard, compared to the paper that day. She went nuts when setting the papers that the paper was meant for maybe Fourth Formers to do, not us! It was hard and one of the questions even asked us to solve fractional questions from the numerator and the denominator in a hard way. You have to twist and turn your mind and MAKE SURE you don’t calculate wrongly ,or else you will have to count again and eats some time again! That teacher! I will thank the Lord if I happen to get an A for Maths! Goodness!

Then, the exams week goes on, kind of feeling oozy after the exam and had a flu in the midst of exam but I am fine after all the pressure. The pressure ain’t coming until the PMR week!!!!!

Just a little worried for my Maths, I think I did in hell from a hell! LOL

Still have some anyaman to do, a crazy project for a crazy subject, ARTS!

Oh well, I have a story to share with you all but I can only do so in the next post. See you again!


One Response to “What Do Exams Have To Say?”

  1. dnomseD September 12, 2008 at 10:33 am #

    Hmmm…I think I know the story.
    but that’s out of the story [hehe]
    This time for exams I did not feel such a great relieve compared to the others. It was like no exam at all! That’s because the preparations I made for it were so little that I do not feel anything…
    That’s quite sad but anyway, exams are just to know your standard. That’s the main purpose. Yet, we humans make it so complicated. Haiz, why are humans so troublesome? Anyway, Don’t know, Don’t care —–Just prepare.

    Jesus bless y’all!

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