Meaningful Dinner With Mum

13 Sep

My beloved mother treated me for dinner in Dome, Island Plaza. It was fantastic and I will tell you, be patient! If you are thinking this kind of dome,

then you are wrong, as if I am having dinner with my mum on this dome! LOL

It is Dome, Dome, where they serve coffee like The Coffee Bean and Starbucks? Got it, yes you got it!

My mother’s friend gave her two vouchers that we can eat Nasi Lemak, a local delicacy, there. I was wondering in my mind, why are we eating Nasi Lemak in a restaurant like that?

So, we head down there and ordered the food. It was humongous, I think it should be at least 10 helpings of normal Nasi Lemak, sold on the roadside. It was huge. It had an egg, three cucumbers, two pieces of chicken drumsticks, five keropoks and a free flow of Coke. It was tasty but luckily, it was not as spicy as I thought! Phew!


Thanks mum for spending your valuable time with me! It was a meaningful dinner to me! I will always love you mum!


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