A simple prayer meeting

24 Sep

Phew, finally get some time to write this post! Well, as you know, we are starting to get very busy for preparing ourselves for the final battle for this year, PMR! 3 weeks left and still get many things to revise!

I attended a simple prayer meeting with my friend this morning, not too big, not too small! There was Desmond, Melvin, Samuel, Marcus, David, two girls and me in that group. As it was my first time, I felt a bit awkward standing but I got used to it for  a short while. May be I can clear away my doubts about God there and hopefully, that this prayer meeting can go on.

The trials are over and the results are over for me too! I did not get very good results but I must try extra hard to battle with PMR next month. Hey, maybe I will share with you something nice in the next post, probably after PMR, so be sure to visit my blog occasionally, please!

Thank you and God bless!

Wish all PMR and SPM students good luck!


One Response to “A simple prayer meeting”

  1. dnomseD September 25, 2008 at 10:00 pm #

    Hey, even if I visit occasionally but I do not see any updates! I think you mean after PMR lol.
    Yeah, let’s pray that we give it our all at our exams, glorifying His name! Win or Lose, we still praise Him. At least we are blessed by being able to even have exams haha. Hmm, you changed the design huh… I prefer it before. bye

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