Teenage Run Away

1 Oct

One of the reasons why teenagers nowadays like to run away from home is because of a broken family relationship. They cannot find any signs of love, warmth or care whenever at home, so they decide to take another alternative route to find the “so-called” love in the outside world.

Parents work hard just to earn a living, so that they can afford what is necessary for their home. They undergo a lot of stress, trying to keep this family as one. Now that the global recession is coming soon, they have to work extra hard to earn that little money.

For some parents, their definition of love to teenagers is to feed them with money, money, money and more money! They don’t give you a damn about anything else except for money. When teenagers cause trouble to parents, then they will scold them like a mad dog without listening to them. When the teenagers try to talk to them, all they get in return is another huge heap of punishment and scolding. The parents never try to understand or socialize what they want and ignore their needs. There is, as if, a generation gap between parents who do not seem to understand what teenagers want. So, if teenagers cannot find love at home, what is the point of staying there? Home to them means a place to sleep, eat and drink only, and not to interact with family members. How pathetic!

If parents are arguing about financial problems, things just get even worse if you step into their territory. Your father and mother probably argue about even the slightest matters day and night. They cannot sit down and discuss together and that affects their relationship to teenagers. Stress is just an excuse for them not to face the reality.

If you happen to make a mistake, that can spell trouble for both parties. You have no chance of explanation, but only to find yourself in deep trouble with authorities or parents. Parents are supposed to love their kids, and not to throw temper at them. They are your children, not your target to express your anger!

Are the teenagers in the wrong for running away from home? Everyone puts their fingers on them when it comes to creating havocs and leading to disciplinary or social problems.

FAMILY means “Father And Mother I Love You”. Now, this six-letter word no longer exists in their minds, all they have is hatred, angst, anger and argument among family members. If your friends, colleagues or classmates have a happy, warm family beside you, why can’t you have it also? Remember, you have the right to have a family that cares for you all the time.

Seek help from people if you happen to have a broken relationship in your family, running away from home is definitely not an option. Don’t be afraid, life is a journey with its ups and downs!

God bless!Peace Sign


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