PMR Aftermath

21 Oct

I know it has been a while since I last updated my blog, Desmond, so I am updating my blog because of you, well, not really! One week has passed since the PMR examination, so we, the Third Formers, are practically free from hell for two and a half month before continuing on to study in Form Four.

A lot of my seniors told me that PMR was easy, easy, easy but I chose not to believe them 100% because things can’t be predicted all the time, right? I did my revision and surprisingly, I did not really pressure myself that much that I slept at around 10 o’clock every night. It was only a week, so I told myself that I had to past my grueling hours for only a week.

My analysis on the PMR:

Monday (Bahasa Melayu Kertas 1, Bahasa Melayu Kertas 2)

One of my weaker subjects to date, but I grew more confident after attending tuition from Mr Lee Choo Hock, he is a great teacher indeed, I felt a bit scared when I sat for these papers because of physiologically reasons, I believe.

It was challenging and a lot of answers were very close and we had to choose only one correct answer out of four of them. For the Paper 2, I lashed out my power of writing in essays, thanks to Mr Lee, until I figured out that I only had 10 minutes to my last part in the question paper.

Tuesday (Science Paper 1, Paper 2 and English Paper 1, Paper 2)

Two of my most favourite subjects! I familiarized with the basic knowledge of Science that I had learnt in the past 3 years and was able to answer most of the questions. Don’t make me start on the questions! If Malaysia is going to improve, stop putting Malay subtitles under the English ones. If it is very desperate in using that method, then use another page to do that, but then again, it is a waste of paper, so USE ONLY ENGLISH!

English? Don’t make me start on that too! The papers were boring, dull, generic, and useless! Too easy for our Chung Ling standard, way too easy! No trick questions, no challenge at all and no standard in setting the questions. The answers are very obvious and I believe that a 3-year old kid, can do better than anyone!

Wednesday (Mathematics Paper 1, Paper 2 and Sejarah)

Mathematics is not one of my strongest subjects but thanks to Mr Anthony Tan, I feel very confident when I answer the questions. Again, the Malay subtitles seem to dazzle me sometimes, in a way that I find it very hard to focus on the English questions. I don’t know why, but why do they have to set one question per page only? Most of the pages are occupied by one question.

Sejarah, MY SECOND FAVOURITE SUBJECT! Most of the boys think that History is boring, but if you try to put your interest into that, it will be fantastic! I don’t memorized the facts too much but I relate them to some other things that make me remember. I answered the questions quite fast and rechecked twice before falling into sleep. ZZZ. That explains the standard of the paper, huh?

Thursday (Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu-PK, Bahasa Cina Kertas 1, Kertas 2)

I tell myself, if I pass this day with favorable reciprocation, 90% of my burden is gone for good! Two subjects which I am weak and I hate. KH seems so easy for the boys but the Teras part does not seem to cooperate with me much and Perdagangan is quite ok with me because I can tackle the questions fast and efficient! MUHAHAHAHA! *cough* The paper is a closed paper. What third-class mentality is this? If you are not capable to set different questions from year to year, just cancel this subject.

Chinese is sure to be harder because it is an optional subject for students, so I definitely have to prepare more. The questions were brain-cracking and the options were quite close to me too. Anyway, I have confident in this paper and I hope I will ace this subject. *sigh*

Friday (Geografi)

LAST SUBJECT! Yes, and I love this subject too, although I don’t quite like the names of the places. The questions are quite easy and my heart was calling “Get me outta here!”.

Finally, PMR is over and we are having a whale of a time, except that we still need to go to school. Bummer.

As a conclusion, PMR is not reliable to test your standards and don’t be too disappointed if you can’t get what you wanted. Just be determined to get a better results for the upcoming SPM. Now, that is called standard!

I will be opening a new segment in my blog, called Heart 2 Heart Talk. I will focus more on what teenagers face nowadays, and I will submit my post every Monday, starting from next week, so do offer me some topics and I will voice out my opinion.

Ciao! (Italian word for goodbye)

p/s: Desmond, are you satisfied now?


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  1. dnomseD October 21, 2008 at 8:02 pm #

    Don’t matter.
    Just very excited, but you always surprise me with un-surprising things. 😉


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