Tales of The Abyss

28 Oct

I am not a fan of anime, especially those Japanese anime that my friends craved and obsessed so much, like Naruto, Detective Conan or whatever. I am not interested in those anime but I recently changed my mind when I went to Shaun’s place to play a PS2 game, Tales of The Abyss. I am sure that most are you are surprised, I guess?

Tales of The Abyss

Yup, this is the cover of this wonderful anime. The story plot for this game is enticing, interesting and fun to watch, not a bad idea to jazz up my English as well too. I don’t really like the main character, Luke fon Fabre  from the beginning until he changes to become a better person after the destruction of Akzeriuth. Tear Grants is amazing and she is a beautiful character too, just her attitude bothers me a little. Jade Curtiss is very sarcastic when he speaks but he is very amusing to me, he was a powerful man before his fon slot was locked up. Guy Cecil is my favourite character because I use him the most, his method of attacking is simple and fun to watch too. Anise Tatlin is a cute girl with her big monster at the back when she fights, I don’t feel Anise was in the wrong when she was forced by Mohs to spy on the team. Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear has that archery background in her which I don’t really like to use her. Not forgetting….



Isn’t he cute?! Since he is so cute, I decide to put this picture of Mieu big big! He is so cute which he can uses his special Mieu Fire, Mieu Attack and Mieu Wings! He has a very cute voice to! Love you, Mieu!

So, Tales of The Abyss is not a bad game to play, of course you need a Play Station 2 to play this! Fun game and you can really learn English through this game!

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One Response to “Tales of The Abyss”

  1. dnomseD October 29, 2008 at 4:34 pm #

    The best thing I like about it is the multiplayer. Never discriminate Anime. 😉

    See you soon

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