Professional Time Wasters

5 Nov

I never know that the life after PMR can be described in one word, boring! Every day, it is just UNO cards, Monopoly, Yu-Gi-Oh Cards and Scrabble, nothing more than that. Bravo to the school authorities for preparing various programs for us, but I do not see any plan carrying out except for English Crosswords. Dear, dear!

For me, I think I need to fully utilize my time well, by reading, writing, singing and playing the piano. I have been writing songs lately for my upcoming theme, together with Chin Chern and Desmond, and still soul searching for inspiration for my novel, THE AWAKEN. Other than that, I experiment Yu-Gi-Oh cards with Shaun and Wooi Keat. There are my few good friends in school, so I must appreciate it well this time.

I am also in the midst of cleaning up my room, and found out some interesting stuff here and then, and of course, collected some memories that I relaly treasured.

I will be back here, I promise but I just have no inspiration to write this blog for the timing because most of my inspiration has gone for my songs and novel.

Have a nice day.


One Response to “Professional Time Wasters”

  1. dnomseD November 16, 2008 at 9:02 pm #

    I hope to see from your novel and songs soon 🙂

    God be with ya!

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