New Year Celebration 2009

3 Jan

Even if the recession is still haunting people’s lives, they still shoved it aside for a while, to usher in the New Year. As usual, the outskirts of Gurney Drive, Penang and Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur are crowded with party-goers as they shouted with glee and joy, when the clock struck twelve. Some of them even went overboard when they sprayed the illegal snow spray cans, confetti, and stomped on other people’s car.

For me, I am always not the party type person, so my mother and I decided to go to have an unforgettable dinner in Summer Garden Food and Bistro, near our house. The main reason, is because, I got straight A’s (yay!) in my PMR recently, and to celebrate New Year just like anyone else. I had an remarkable time with my mother as we enjoyed our New Year Eve’s Dinner there.

The restaurant is quite unique, with the typical bar design, but they also had a glass window that separated us from the outside and the inside.


We placed our orders and we didn’t wait for too long for the food to arrive, perhaps we were quite early for the dinner.


The appetizer was quite nice, the dish had unagi sushi, meatballs, and delicious salad. I just don’t get the idea of we must in small portion for food like these. As a fan of sushi, the unagi sushi was good, and the salad was fresh too. Good one!


We ordered drinks separately, and I ordered a very sour Cucumber and Apple Juice. My mother asked for another type of juice, which they put eggs inside. Yuck!

We had a clear chicken soup, that tasted so good, I even forgot to take a picture of it. Well, just imagine! The soup was delicious, and they put some pearls underneath it. The soup was not too watery or salty, so this soup is also good. Don’t forget, I have quite a picky taste for food!



My mother ordered a plate of succulent beef steak. In case you can’t see what’s on top of it, I recalled it was a mozzarella cheese, which tasted awful. I don’t have a crave for cheese, so the flavor of the cheese didn’t jump out to me, the cheese was simply too creamy for me. The beef was juicy, and I can see that the vegetables were well-cooked too.


I grabbed the Salmon plate, as salmon is my most favourite fish of all. It was served with bacon and vegetables, and it was inviting. This mouth-watering dish was simply irresistible, and I loved it very much. I just had to be careful with the bones.



The dessert was scrumptious, flavourful and cute too. The dish was actually vanilla ice cream, served on a pastry, decorated with tropical fruits and beans. See the black liquid on the plate, it was actually Gula Melaka, which fitted the taste well. The desert was good and we had a lovely time there. We also had coffee to finish our meal there.

I am wishing all my fellow readers a Happy Blessed New Year, and may God shine upon you with His care, love, warmth, so that we can overcome all challenges and obstacles in life.

Two more days till school reopens, and a whole new ball game is up. 4 new subjects and less time to blog. I love studying but I hate when I can’t blog that much. Till then, let us study hard for SPM!

God bless and have a joyous New Year.


2 Responses to “New Year Celebration 2009”

  1. nomly January 3, 2009 at 9:59 am #

    its great, thanks

  2. Chee Yi January 5, 2009 at 7:03 pm #

    OMG they put eggs in drinks?! Eeewww…

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