2009, A Tough Year!

6 Jan

2009, a tough year for all formers, you see it clearly, all formers!

Form 1 students, there will be a whole new environment for you in secondary school.

Form 2 students, you thought some of the lousiest teachers, who taught you in Form 1 were gone. Who knows, they will be back to teach you again!

Form 3 students, a major exam, PMR is coming in 9 months.

Form 4 students, a whole new learning experience from Form 3, for the gap between Form 3 and Form 4 is deadly vast.

form 5 students, all your effort will grow fruits in SPM. (What am I saying?) Anyway, the very major exam, SPM, will decide your future already.

Work hard, all formers, including me!

As I mentioned above, the language and knowledge gap between Form 3 and Form 4 is big, until you want to drop your mouth down. (Close it!). We have 4 new different subjects, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry, and a whole new environment to adapt in your different classes.

I had a hard time to fit in as my good friends are all separated to 4 classes already, so my mouth is still shut up tight, not willingly to socialize.

The teachers… Some are excellent but some are lame! I have teachers from a range of sissy and dedicated ones. My post, this time, is not very organized cause I am in utter rush. I have to balance my studies this time. God bless all of us, to cope with the studies during Form 4.

Have a nice day, even though you hate your school life!


One Response to “2009, A Tough Year!”

  1. Chee Yi January 7, 2009 at 7:40 pm #

    You know what I like the most about form 4? No Art, no KH and no computer (like it’s going to teach us something). Haha =D

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