15 Jan

It looks like Chung Ling High School is reaching its downfall, after being a notorious school for so long. And I don’t mean the students, I mean the teachers.

There is no doubt that there are still dedicated and inspiring teachers in this school, but unfortunately most of them have transferred or retired. What is left are new teachers, who can’t meet the original standards set by teachers in the past.

Let me give you an example:

(Note that I am not mocking any teachers!)

  • My Additional Mathematics teacher is a computer geek, and he only knows how to use his freaking computer and projector to teach us this new subject. He talks as if he is talking to his precious computer, and lets us view his well-done presentations. I normally don’t sleep in front of a teacher, but I always want to sleep in front of him. My mind is draining my spirit away, just by listening to his lecture. Luckily, I have my Add. Math tuition teacher, who is fantastic, so I hope I can obtain excellent results for Additional Mathematics.
  • Secondly, my Physics teacher. Feminine is the word to describe him. He always teases my friend in a coy tone, saying, “Handsome boy! Please answer my questions!” Excuse me, sir! This is a Physics lesson, not a social lesson. There is no doubt that he has a knowledge of Physics, but he does not know how to present his facts in class. He confuses me sometimes, and again, if I didn’t have Physics tuition, I would surely fail this subject. Another computer geek too.
  • Thirdly, my Chemistry teacher! What atrocious English! He cannot even pronounce a simple word. He pronounces “Element” as “Ee-Lee-Ment”, “Manipulated” as “Ma-Nee-Poo-La-Ted”, “Kinetic” as ‘”Kai-Ne-Tic” and so on. Even the whole class knows that his pronunciation sucks! I know we have to understand the chemical formulae, but if you don’t get the pronunciation right, you might convey to us the wrong information.

I apologize for the things I say, but I really cannot keep all these in my heart and be passive about it.

I know, we can’t get everything perfect, so I am praying to God that He can empower these teachers  to teach better, as most of the knowledge will be passed by them to us.

God bless and have a nice day.


2 Responses to “Downfall”

  1. Chee Yi January 15, 2009 at 8:31 pm #

    I agree on this. My Chemistry teacher sucks too. Her English is… urgh, bullshit can’t describe it, I can’t find another more suitable word to describe her English.

    And they changed my class’ BM teacher to Siti Meriam! Damn. She’s so lazy!

  2. dnomsed January 18, 2009 at 8:08 pm #


    No gossiping allowed =)

    Well, well, what do you expect for teachers after all… Their pay is not very high, and good teachers are a hard find.

    So sad.

    If only teaching were not looked down upon.
    At least we know what to do.
    Nope, not tuition, but pray =)

    God bless, study hard, pray hard!

    btw, just a reamrk [i think?]—- I love Bible Knowledge!

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