Chinese New Year Celebration 2009

30 Jan

With the mOo mOo year lumbers in, there will be some low-downs this year, as the recession fever hits hard on several countries. However, people didn’t allow the recession dampen their spirits in celebrating this year’s Chinese New Year, so did us!

Our family follows the tradition of getting together for reunion dinner and stuck to steamboat. Steamboat is my favourite dish of all during Chinese New Year, where we dump everything from fish balls, vegetables to seafood into the hot wok and savour the moment of being together as a family.

Some preparation, made from my mother, in the kitchen. My mother declined to take a picture, because she was not wearing any makeup. (Girls are girls!) It is always the grandmothers and mothers who are busy during the reunion dinner. Thank you, mum, for everything you have done to us this whole year!

This year, we invited my two grandmothers, one from my mother’s side and the other from my father’s, to come and enjoy the delicious, tasty steamboat with us. I did the arrangement of the table, so it is always neat. (Blowing my own trumpet.)

Some Chinese New Year delicacies, which those with gargantuan appetite would probably attack. Not me, because I had a minor sore throat during the Chinese New Year, so I had to restrict myself from taking too much of those scrumptious cookies, made especially from my mother. Bravo, mama!

This year, the red packets my mother got, was interesting. You know, we always get the typical red-coloured packet, which I think it’s boring and plain. However, the red packets this year are gold and pink in colour. I personally like the two gold packets, leaning against the mirror and the pink packet with two cute icons on it. All the gold packets and pink packets are so cute this year. Bravo again, mum!

When everyone arrived, we started to throw in everything (not exactly everything) into the hot wok. We had a variety of vegetables and fishballs. I am lucky because there are no children or youth there to fight for fishballs. So, I kind of had most of the fish balls to myself. ;P

We did some “bai nian” to relatives’ houses and some friends’ houses. I received many red packets, but the amount inside is getting smaller. Probably because of the recession, again!

Many people are sighing of the whole recession fever, as it really hits hard on several countries, and their worries of getting fired by their boss, adds tension and fear to their job. The people, attending open houses, also decreases, as people are taking this seriously. Hopefully, God can lead us stronger to overcome this obstacle and try to make the best out of everything.

Here’s wishing all my fellow readers, a Happy Chinese New Year 2009. Happy a Moo Moo Pleasant year ahead of all you all!

God bless.


2 Responses to “Chinese New Year Celebration 2009”

  1. Chee Yi January 31, 2009 at 1:28 am #

    Haha long time no update! Glad to see you finally snapped out of your “blogging burnout”.

    By the way, if your cookies are missing, it’s me! 🙂

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  2. Brandon January 31, 2009 at 8:41 am #

    Ah, so you stole my cookies after I stole yours! haha.

    Thank you for your comments again.

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