Blogger’s Back!

14 Mar

Right, after almost a month of disappearance, I finally came back from a land far, far away! (Not really) Actually, I was busy preparing for my first test in school, revising 4 new subjects, which was quite enduring for me, mainly Additional Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. As I said in my post earlier, Form 4 is hard and whoever delivered the misconception of Form 4 as a Honeymoon Year should be shot in the head.

I have some comments (as always) about the First Test in our school:

English – Since when we don’t say “stained windows” but “coloured windows”? And, i really hope I can get a high A for English as this subject can definitely pull me up away from the rest. I love English, and it is always the second Exam and fourth Exam that really test your ability to shine in essays, that is why I can meet up with my own standard and acquirements.

Chinese– Out of a sudden, God sent me an amazing Chinese teacher, for about 4 years. It is about time to get a good Chinese teacher! She is totally fantastic and I had some interest in Chinese History, but I will not pursue on that  specific field, because it is not my genre. Chinese, you rock this year! Again, this subject is difficult in the sense that I need to practice more with my essays.

Malay-Although having a good tuition teacher, I still don’t like this language. Let me repeat what I said earlier on, where are we going to communicate in Malay when stepping out of Malaysia? Due to some unspeakable circumstances, Malay will always be hard in major examination. Don’t ask me why! The paper was hard, in the sense, that i had no luck in guessing the three Malay idioms given, which lead me to say goodbye to 12 marks automatically. Sad but true!

Modern Mathematics– When my teacher said that there will be a lot of questions to do in our hour, she really meant it. Having said that, she actually set two questions wrongly, which lead to a little commotion, happening in our school. Nevertheless, I thought that MM was not too complex for me.

Additional Mathematics– This is the subject, which we dread, bitch, moan and complain the most I guess. 5 questions only! Nice to say, but not nice when doing it. My answer papers are decorated with the lines, crossing out this, crossing out that, but I managed to arrange my answers well. I really hope I can get an A for this paper.

History– I love History. So fun to read. Although not all of you may agree with me, some may even say I’m crazy, but I love to know more about the history, at least the first time, the history text book started out introducing the past of Greek and Rome Empire. However, I was frustrated with myself a bit, for not reading thoroughly at every section of the text book.

Biology– Biology is interesting, you can’t deny it. There are a lot of details to be memorized, but it is at least interesting. However, I don’t even know how to describe the paper. Either crazy, insane, out of mind, or “siao”! The teacher who set the questions had absolutely nothing to with most of the syllabus, especially the transpiration experiment. Praise God if I have a B for this.

Chemistry – Another interesting subject, way up till you are required to memorize the periodic table, then it is another matter to be concerned. I love Chemistry and the teacher also. Though she may be a little aggressive at times, but she puts her determination and effort forward, and I am drawn to her teachings. Good for her!

Physics – Hmm… Suddenly I’m lost of words… Well… Urm… The paper is ok… Too many questions in our hour… Hope that I did not plot the wrong graph… I… Well… That is all I want to say… I hope I can get an A for this paper too…

Moral – I used most of my common sense to answer this paper, since I was a bit lazy to revise the text book. I hope my Moral teacher would be a bit lenient when marking the paper.

Well, that were my analysis, regarding about the First Term Test. I wish I will not fail any subjects, if not I am not sure how am I going to react…

Recently, I joined the school’s Chinese Debate Team. I will elaborate more in my next post.

Till then, adios!


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