Chinese Debate : Road To The Finals

14 Mar

This post is a little behind schedule, but I still want to write this down. I’ll combine the performance of first round and the quarter-finals in this post, so be ready for the performance coming! (Note: I don’t know how to upload a video, it just doesn’t want to allow me to do so! Therefore, I put screen caps instead.)


The three guys in uniform are my team mates, of course! From left, the eloquent Kai Deng, the emo freak yet optimistic Wooi Keat, and the sensational singer Chin Chern. Notice that Wooi Keat and Chin Chern are also my team mates in the Poem Recital Team too. The two teachers back there are our professional ones, on the left is Mdm. Tan Lon Eng and Mdm. Yong. They gave us faith, determination, and opinions to get us moving.


The boys are testing out their microphone. For your info, I was the extra in the team, but that does not mean I can slack my job too! The one on the far right is Khai Hean, famous for his baggy eyes which make him cute in a way. The opponents are Peng Hwa Private in the first round and Heng Ee in the quarter-finals.

Secret Hideout DSCN0312

This place was always our seniors’ hideout for final discussions. That is Chin Chern in there, hands trembling, preparing for his turn in debate. They are giving us a hint of smile before the competition starts. Notice that their positions have been changed. From this point onwards, the picture on the upper part is always from the first round, whereas the picture on the lower part is from the quarter-finals.

image image

First to go was Chin Chern. Obviously, his nerve got in his way in the first round, but was better in the quarter-finals.

image image image image

A series of pictures, which show how Chin Chern reacted when his script was blown off by the fan. He got a little frustrated but he managed to hide it well.

image image

I love Wooi Keat’s way of interrogating the opponents. Soft yet hard at the same time. Trying to be a soft gentleman, but at the same time, being harsh as a true man. What am I talking about? Anyway, I like his style of presenting and really helped our team to gain marks from here.

image image

Yes, the gesture! Yes, the style! Yes, the hint of cockiness! Though he may be very eloquent in thinking fast, his hands get in the way all the time. Nevertheless, I think Kai Deng did an amazing job in both rounds, in helping the team to get points too.

image image

Last but not least, the cute yet adorable Khai Hean takes the finishing battle with his well-written script. His script, I heard, always gain a lot of marks from the judges, which is a good thing. I must learn a thing or two from my team mates.

Our team breezed through the quarter-finals and our biggest opponents are from Chung Hwa High School and Chung Ling High School (A). You are going to be like, what? Against our own school? Yes, WE ARE AGAINST OUR SCHOOL TEAM! So, the pressure is on us, only one of them will win this competition and will represent Penang Island and compete with the mainland schools. Only one of them!

We have the toughest time now, we have to discuss our title thoroughly! We have to know our opponents well!

This debate finals will be intense! More report will be out as soon as the finals end!

imageP/S: What is the face, Wooi Keat? Laughing out Loud!


3 Responses to “Chinese Debate : Road To The Finals”

  1. Chee Yi March 14, 2009 at 4:47 pm #

    Hey! Where’re the pics of yourself huh? Nice teamwork shown by everyone =)

  2. Justin March 14, 2009 at 5:27 pm #

    A very interesting article on your Chinese Debate road to the final. Good luck and don’t let us down.

  3. brandonks March 14, 2009 at 7:46 pm #

    Well, since I am the extra in my team, I am not on stage, Plus, I am the cameraman also. 🙂

    Tension and pressure! Hope won’t disappoint you guys.

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