America’s Next Top Model is back!

16 Mar

After Cycle 11 was shown on TV, Cycle 12 hit the street big, with its catch phrase. “Get In The Fold”. Personally, I don’t get the catch phrase this year but their idea of the promotional picture was not too bad. A couple of black girls showed up more this cycle, and this time I actually like some of the black girls, not forgetting some white gals too.

I have my favorites this year, and I hope one of them can win the title of America’s Next Top Model.

America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

Number 5 in my chart is Allison Harvard from New Orleans. This quirky girl, who has a big fascination of nose bleeds quickly captured my mind, and she can take numerous beautiful pictures, like those two on top of this. She has the signature big eyes popping out from her head. I wish she can survive until overseas.

America's Next Top Model  America's Next Top Model

Celia Ammerman may not look very young to my liking, but at least she is editorial. She can produce a high fashion picture too. The bouncing blonde from Kentucky looks much younger in person, and I hope she can go far also in the competition. Good luck to her.

America's Next Top Model Click to view full size image

Teyona Anderson from New Jersey is my Top 3 throughout this cycle. She has a very special face, that is wind in the head. Her facial features go up towards her face and that really makes her special. She is the only black girl that I like in this competition and if Tyra Banks want to choose a black girl to win, this is her winner, I hope!

America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

London Levi, the street preacher in Texas, does not necessarily has a modelesque look in this modeling industry. Her hips are out of proportion, but she has a very nice personality which goes well with her pictures. She delivered two fantastic pictures two weeks in a row. Let us hope that she can spread God’s words into this industry.

America's Next Top Model

Natalie Pack from California is my Top 1 in this competition. She looks so modelesque and Tyra didn’t even have to change Natalie’s hairstyle because Tyra thinks that Natalie is a model from head to toe. She is very special in my eyes, and I really hope that she can at least make it far enough to overseas. She is so pretty, don’t you think?

Therefore, let the best woman win the show, and not let history repeat in Top Model History! Why is it that the runner-ups are actually better than the winners most of the time? *Sigh*


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