Chinese Debate Finals : Road to Victory

2 Apr

As you all know, my dear readers, I am in the Chinese Debate Team, with my team mates, Lim Wooi Keat, Chen Chin Chern, Chang Kai Deng, Tan Khai Hean and Ooi Chun Yeang. They are wonderful to work with, and I can say we did an awesome job together to reach to the finals. (Bear that in mind, that these are screen caps from the video, which I could not upload!)

DSCN0377 DSCN0378

There is always this big beautiful banner, decorating the Penang Chinese Chamber. Notice the date? It is quite long, long enough for my friends to urge me to upload the pictures in my blog. How impatient! I noticed prefects from quite a number of schools came to watch the interesting competition, cheering along.


The first round was Chung Ling High School (Team A) to compete with Chung Hwa High School. Their motion was all about the preservation of historical buildings can be merged along with the improvisation of the country. It was an obvious competition that Chung Ling High School (Team A) will win this round.

Second Round is by far the most intense competition there. Chung Ling High School (Team B) was the proposer of the title “To Send Children to a Famous School will Guarantee Their Future” (Loose translation) whereas Chung Ling High School (Team A) was to oppose the motion. Two teams, from the same famous school, debating about famous school. How cliché could that be?

image imageimage

The second round started off with Chen Chin Chern, our governor. This time, he was more fluent in presenting his motion, but teachers actually whispered behind me, that he was more of a public speaker, rather than a debater. No offence! However, when the time he was questioned by the opponents, he fumbled a lot when answering. Clearly, he was nervous, again. But, he did better than the last two rounds.

image image

Then it was Lim Wooi Keat’s turn to ask the opponents tricky questions, before delivering his motion. He thought fast and handled the situation very well. His gesture, however, bothers the teachers a lot. It seems that he got carried away, maybe?

image image

Then, the genius debater Chang Kai Deng took his stand to defend the title. He and the other opponent got into an intense opinions on the title as they battled out. He was by far the most consistent in this consistent. He thought fast, responded quickly and handsomely. Not once, did I hear him, not answering the opponents’ questions.

image image

Lastly, Tan Khai Hean ended the team’s motion for one last time with his beautifully-prepared script. He ended wonderfully, not forgetting that he could not sit still at all throughout the competition, but he was also good in his performance.

With our excellent performance, we, Chung Ling High School (Team B) got champion, with Chang Kai Deng taking 3 “Best Speaker” Trophy. Our team will advance to the next round to compete with the mainland’s school.

DSCN0405 DSCN0408

The best speaker for three consecutive rounds, Chang Kai Deng, standing beside another best speaker from another round, Chan Chi Peng.

DSCN0399 DSCN0401

Not forgetting our two beloved teachers, who help us all the way throughout the competition. They contributed a lot in giving us their opinions about the motions. I don’t know what my team mates called her, but the teacher on the right, seemed to have a nickname “Muffin Teacher” embedded on her.

Group Shots


DSCN0417 DSCN0420

Winning glory! I am, of course, the one without the blazer and the trophy. But I will get my trophy cause they had some technical problems. From left: Tan Khai Hean, Chang Kai Deng, Chen Chin Chern, Lim Wooi Keat (hiding), Ooi Chun Yeang and Brandon Yeoh Khai Siang.


Honestly speaking, we had to hold on to our smiles on stage for quite a long time. We were so delighted to win this competition. Clearly, our teacher was happy too.

DSCN0435 DSCN0437

Since when we have Asian Paris Hilton in our team? She is Wei Ling, a former classmate of Chin Chern, rumoured to be partners. But that’s just plain rumour, I guess! Wooi Keat on the left is pulling his face… again…


Wong Kar Yin, Wooi Keat’s close female friend. She has a pair of long legs which are worth dying for. She is actually a very tall girl, but she squatted a little, to make it the same height with Wooi Keat. How romantic!


In the end, all our efforts paid off. We had a blast of time while discussing. This is one of many experience that will be etched in mind. It is a great pleasure to work with my friends.

Go Chinese Debate Team!


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  1. MFE May 15, 2009 at 1:17 am #

    U can delete this post… This scene is never going to happen again…

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