Debate Celebration

19 Apr


I thought I gave the pictures some talking since I was in a hurry that time, so I will make a brief explanation on what had happened in our celebration in Manhattan Fish Market in Gurney Plaza shopping complex.

In the previous post, I am sure that you are aware that we, Chung Ling Chinese Debate (B) Team won the competition and will proceed to compete with Jit Sin High School. Mind you, they do not refer to scripts when presenting their ideas for 8 minutes. Therefore, it is a tough challenge for us as we often refer to flash cards when presenting.

The organizer and teachers decide that merging both team in our school will give us a better chance of winning the competition. Seriously, does winning the competition really that important? The most important thing when entering the competition is to enjoy the process of preparing for it, winning or not is another thing.

I really enjoyed discussing the motions with my team mates, and that does matter! Since it is the teachers’ will to merge both team, we have no choice but to do so. Bear that in mind, we fought over it for quite a long time, but we eventually thought that merging would be a better idea. FINE, MFE! (Don’t ask what is MFE!)


Let us put that dilemma aside, back to the celebration!

We ordered tons of seafood!

DSCN0477 DSCN0478

Since I arrived late, I did not get the chance to glance through the menu. In this platter, there are squid rings, delicious I-Don’t-Know-What Fish, and the scrumptious garlic rice below all of those goodies. Chin Chern and I had the most of it, I think! There were lobsters too, which were good with the butter on it. I did not taste the prawns with cheese because I am allergic to prawns and cheese. 😦


Let see if I can make dialogue from this picture: (From left)

Tan Khai Hean: It’s Mr Cutie. I am caught up by these two.

Lim Wooi Keat: I am seduced by this man beside me. HELP!

Chang Kai Deng: The reason why I put my chin on his shoulders, because my girl friend is somehwhere out in KL.

Yes, they are my team mates.


Top Left: Ooi Chun Yeang, Tan Khai Hean, Lim Wooi Keat

Bottom Left: Chang Kai Deng, Chen Chin Chern, Brandon Yeoh Khai Siang

This is our Chinese Debate Team, celebrating in Manhattan Fish Market in Gurney Plaza.

(Everybody is doing the peace sign, except Wooi Keat with his signature hand pose…)

We had a blast, so it will be time that we will crack our heads open to discuss the next motion…


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