Mundane Life

28 Apr

If you can recall back the good old days during form 1, we students are very energetic and excited to be in secondary school, learning more new things, gaining more new experience, and meeting with many friends. We always have the heart to learn new things, and we respect our teacher a lot.

However, as time goes by, pressure, tension and stress come knocking at our lives, making us stressful and having a hard life in school. To us, school life is getting more boring and less interesting. Except for some qualified experienced teachers, most of the teachers now lack the passion and effort to teach us the new knowledge.

We often sleep in class…

We no longer pay full  attention to teachers, and we cannot put the blame on ourselves also. Teacher, as I stated above, lack the drive to committing himself or herself to teach us.

We often don’t hand in our homework in time…

We often skip class…

We often…

There are obvious changes in ourselves in our lives, that we don’t even notice as time goes by…

What shall we do to change this?

Till then, I am signing off…


2 Responses to “Mundane Life”

  1. dnomsed April 30, 2009 at 7:32 pm #

    Actually, I don’t think life was any better during form 1. That means, life is not getting any worse! Life is really very tough, and like one of Buddha’s truths, Dukka – Life is full of suffering. I agree with that. But Let us remember we are freed from sin— which leads to suffering! When we suffer, as Christians… It won’t be because of sin… but because we want to love Jesus, we want to bear the cross…

    God bless! Haven’t been talking with you for a long time…

    Read up Luke 12:22-34… but if no time, at least, verse 31. He is always there for you.

    Don’t worry about mistreating me… Think about how much sadder God is… Everything you do, He puts it in His heart… May His love be poured over you, that you may experience joy in Him 😉

  2. Justin May 2, 2009 at 5:00 pm #

    Things changed from time to time so is our community ! Well, I remembered how relaxing we were when we were in Form 1 and 2 (except for the 45 degree supervisor). Don’t want to say much or I get myself in hot soup !

    One thing I know is that I want to finish my studies in CLHS as soon as possible !

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