TAGGED (like, for the first time!)

2 May

Rules and regulation of the tag :

· All 21 people must do unless they don’t have a blog.

· Write the names of 10 friends you can think of in your head.

· And then answer the questions, say you’re guessing if you don’t know, but at least guess on all of them.

· After doing this,tag your 10 friends to do the same!

1. Ong Chee Yi

2. Lim Chien Ming

3. Chen Chin Chern

4. Lim Wooi Keat

5. Shaun Ch’ng Jing Kai

6. H’ng Lead Kert

7. Vincent H’ng

8. Desmond Cheong

9. Chang Kai Deng

10. Hilson Tay

(Sad to say, they only allow me to put 10 names, so don’t get offended if I did not put your names down)

1. How do you meet 7 (Vincent H’ng)?

Since primary school days, and we are still good friends… Hola!

2. What would you do if you and 8 (Desmond Cheong) had never met?

Good question. Perhaps I would have never known that God was always beside me, even though I had doubts on Him. He inspires me to be more positive in life and to believe in God and never gave up on me. Thanks, Desmond! *sobs*

3. What would you do if 1 (Ong Chee Yi) and 5 (Shaun Ch’ng Jing Kai) date?

Excuse me? Are you serious? It will be hard to imagine them being couples… ROFL

4. Have you seen 6 (H’ng Lead Kert) cried?

No! Why should I?

5. Would 4 (Lim Wooi Keat) and 9 (Chang Kai Deng) make a good couple?

To be honest, they will make a FANTASTIC couple if all the girls in the world extinct! You didn’t see them smooching around during debate discussion… LOL.

6. Do you think 1 (Ong Chee Yi) is attractive?

If I am girl (obviously, not!), then I would say he is attractive. (No, there is not a clue to like him secretly!)

7. When was the last time you talked to 4 (Lim Wooi Keat)?

Like a second ago… you have a problem with that?

8. Would you ever date 5 (Shaun Ch’ng Jing Kai)?

No, simply because he has someone…

9. What is the best thing about 10 (Hilson Tay)?

He gave me his support and encourage words even when I didn’t treat him well as a friend. He never gave up on me too. Thanks, Hilson!

10. What would you like to tell 7 (Vincent H’ng)?

Words cannot describe what would I want to tell him. Let us start with “Thank you for still being my good friend!”

11. Have you ever kiss 1 (Ong Chee Yi)?

Good Lord, no!

12. What is the best memory you have of 3 (Chen Chin Chern)?

Being together as good friends, facing the competition together through hard times. Again, he never gave up on me too.

13. When’s the next time you’re going to see 6 (H’ng Lead Kert)?

On Monday, because he sits at the back of me in class. We always try to mimic you-know-who.

14. How is 8 (Desmond Cheong) different from 5 (Shaun Ch’ng Jing Kai)?

Desmond has been a great inspiration to me, when I was down. He often spreads His words to me. Shaun has been a friend of mine, when it comes to sharing our opinions on America’s Next Top Model. Both of them have been a great companion during my secondary school days.

15. What was your first impression of 2 (Lim Chien Ming)?

To be honest, a pervert who cares about sexy girls! (Sorry, Chien)

16. How did you meet 3 (Chen Chin Chern), 4 (Lim Wooi Keat) and 9(Chang Kai Deng)?

How convenient! I met 3 and 4 in Form 2, when we were sitting together in the class, talking about almost everything under the sun! I didn’t get to know 9 until this year, during out debate competition.

17. Is 2 (Lim Chien Ming) your best friend?

Er… considerably my friend in secondary school… no offence, though.

18. Do you hate 7 (Vincent H’ng)?

Can you give me a good solid reason for me to hate him?

19. Have you been to 3 (Chen Chin Chern)’s house?

Why, yes!

20. How close are you to 6 (H’ng Lead Kert )?

Close enough to share our happiness together, always trying to imitate the teachers in class.

21. Have you gotten in trouble with 10 (Hilson Tay)?

Err… I guess not. Did I?

22. Would you give 1 (Ong Chee Yi) a hug?

If he wants, then I can give a hug as a friend. I don’t care what the others say, that hug is deep down from my heart to a friend.

23. When have you lied to 9 (Desmond Cheong)?

Yes, several times! How ignorant of me to fool my friend.

24. What’s the worst thing about 4 (Lim Wooi Keat)?

Too hysterical, too whacky, too good!

25. Have you ever had a crush on 2 (Lim Chien Ming)?

I would be out of mind to have a crush on him…

26. Does 7(Vincent H’ng) have a boyfriend?

Hello? How should I do?

27. Have you ever wanted to punch 6 (H’ng Lead Kert) in the face?


28. Has 3 (Chen Chin Chern) met your parents?

My mother, yes!

29. If you give 8 (Desmond Cheong) a RM100, what would he spend it on?

I don’t know! Care to ask him by yourself?

30. Did you ever physically or mentally hurt 9 (Chang Kai Deng)?

I hope I did not!

As a conclusion, I want to use this opportunity to address to my friends out there, thank you for being my friend! You guys are like colour pencils to my life, colouring my life beautifully. I may rub you guys in the wrong way, but I hope we can put away the past and be friends forever!




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