Debate Competition in Batu Pahat (Part 2)

9 Jun

We woke up early at around 7:30 in the morning to have our American-style breakfast, which was out of my expectation. The sausages were good though, but the rice proved to be a troublemaker for most of us (not me!), upset many stomachs, adding burden to our front runners, who already had butterflies in their stomachs. They were pretty nervous because this was their first time, they were competing with another school from a different state.

Our front runners were: Jia En (1st Speaker), Wooi Keat (2nd Speaker), Kai Deng (3rd Speaker) and Chi Peng (4th Speaker)

I did not have the chance to watch the competition between Penang and Kelantan because I was chosen to watch another preliminary round between Sabah and Pahang. In this preliminary round, two competitions were held at once to save time.


The glorious stage…


The trophies, which everybody is eyeing on getting one…

Soon, the front runners and the judges took their places and the competition began.

Pahang obviously over shone Sabah, with their strong front runners like 林少桦. This guy was strong, was able to conclude their team’s motion clear and had poise while presenting. Pahang was the past champion, so it was no doubt that they killed Sabah in the first preliminary round. The second speaker of Pahang, was very cute while presenting too…


Sabah team on the left, and Pahang on the right…

On the other side, news spread that Penang won over Kelantan, Penang was through to the next round, quarter-finals. The quarter-finals were held on the next day (Day 3), so it was crunch time for the front-runners and back-ups to discuss their next motion in room 415 again.

I spent a little while listening to their discussion, but later went back to my room to sleep. Batu Pahat had made Chin Chern and I quite sleepy, but Chin Chern stayed to discuss with them. I took a few pictures of Batu Pahat while resting in my room.


The bus terminal, which I only found out that the building was blue in colour now.

DSCN0763 DSCN0764

If you look closely, trees can be seen far away. That is, if you walk further away from this town, you will end up in a jungle already.

Later, we went up to the 9th floor of Garden Hotel to have our dinner served. Trust me, the front-runners had no mood to eat, because they were too anxious about the competition tomorrow. Therefore, we had little food before going down again to discuss the motion.

DSCN0697 DSCN0699

The picture on the left: Kai Deng’s parents and our teachers-in-charge

The picture on the right: The rest of my Form 5 team mates

Our team discussed until 2 in the morning… Obviously, they were too stressed, but if debate is something we are passionate about, we will do anything it takes to win the title.

to be continued…


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