Debate Competition in Batu Pahat (Part 4)

9 Jun

As you all know, Wooi Keat was the victim of the party scene… Trust me, he woke up to a different person. He did not talk to me  or anyone else that morning, and it was scary too.

DSCN0748 DSCN0762

When I asked to pose, he posed like this… Hiding his emotions behind that face…Slept like a log…

As usual, we had our American-style breakfast in our hotel and rested for a while before watching the finals…

The final was between Kedah and Johor (Outcast).


Kedah was on the left, and Johor (Outcast) was on the right…

“生活更需要激情/理智”was the final motion of the debate competition, and Kedah was the proposer.

Talking about the overall performance, I preferred Kedah’s although Wooi Keat and Chin Chern stated that Kedah could have done better, and Johor was a whack. However, though Johor (Outcast) was a little wobbly at first, I thought that they ended well with well-written script.

The prize ceremony and the closing ceremony held together. Trophies were handed to each round’s best speaker, overall best speaker, overall best team work and the 3 top winners. Kai Deng got the best speaker in the preliminary round and was awarded RM 50 and a certificate. Well done, Kai Deng!

After the long speech by the politician, the most nerve-wrecking time came.

Kedah won the overall best speaker and overall best team work, and we thought that Kedah would bag the ultimate prize, but Kedah lost to Johor (Outcast). Boo, all of us rooted for Kedah to win!

DSCN0798 DSCN0803

Kedah and Johor (outcast) posing after receiving their trophies…

It was time to pack our luggage before we left, and I quadruple-checked before I locked the hotel door. I was so eager to get out of that room because of the water all over that room. We left our luggage at the lobby and waited for the time to pass by…

And, Miss Yeap Yee Pei, my ex-geography teacher in Form 3, was coincidently, the teacher-in-charge of the Terengganu team, and we met up in the hotel there. Of course, Chin Chern, Wooi Keat, Khai Hean and I were excited to see her again, and took photographs with her…

DSCN0811  DSCN0812

Wooi Keat said that she was cuter than ever…ooo…Heard that she may be coming back to Penang to teach. Miss Yeap will be following us to Penang for her vacation there in the same bus…

3 in the afternoon came and soon we were abroad the bus to Puduraya, Kuala Lumpur. We estimated that we would arrive at 6 but the drizzle, traffic jam delayed our time and we reached KL at 7 pm. We couldn’t do anything but to buy new tickets when we reached there. No dinner, so I bought some bread and biscuits to eat only. Wooi Keat said that he never came to KL before, so he was excited to see the KL tower, KLCC, Times Square, the monorail, the MRT and the whole city. We could see the vast difference between Batu Pahat and Kuala Lumpur…

We managed to buy the 7:40 tickets back home to Penang. For a split second, I thought we would be able to rest for a night in KL to do some sight-seeing and shopping before departing to Penang, but that was not the case. The Puduraya Bus Terminal was crowded with people, which you wouldn’t see in Batu Pahat. Some went to buy food, and some went to the toilet because time could not be wasted there.

It was a sad thing that we were not be able to tour around KL, because I had not been to KL for many years already. Then, we went down to Station 4 to wait for our bus. The bus terminal in KL was much worse than Batu Pahat, not in term of the environment (well maybe!), but the bus was not punctual at all. We had to wait there, all hot and sweaty, in a dark, crowded station for 20 minutes before the bus came. We breathed in all the gases there, you name it! I could not imagine if a friend of mine were to be in that situation…

I slept during most of the journey home to Penang, after having my mini dinner… My mother came to pick me up at the Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal at 12 midnight…

That is the end of my 4 day 3 night journey in Batu Pahat with my friends…

First of all, let me thank the teachers to open up an opportunity for the “helpers” to come along to Batu Pahat.

Secondly, many thanks to Chin Chern and Wooi Keat for making this journey worthy. You guys are still the best since Form 2.

This competition had taught me a lot, although I may  have little passion in debating, debate has taught me to know more about Chinese and techniques on how to debate. I will always treasure the moment when we were the six in Team B. Another moment that I would treasure is being in the same room with Chin Chern and Wooi Keat, sharing experiences as friends.

I joined the debate team with no passion. I wanted to join to know whether debate was my thing. Debate may not be my full passion, but again, debate has brought another level and experience in my life, which I would treasure forever in my mind.



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