To Kris or To Adam?

16 Jun

Like any other Malaysians, I do love to watch American Idol, which is a reality TV show based on talent in singing, in case you don’t know. Kris Allen was recently crowned as the winner of the latest season of American Idol, captivated many hearts with his handsome looks and melodious voice.

To Kris or to Adam?

Kris Allen started to grab my attention when he first sang “Man In The Mirror” during the quarter-finals of American Idol. Not only does he have the looks, he has a very nice voice that just melts your heart away. At the age of 23, he is still a college student with a wife (typical American!), but that voice is just so soothing when he sings ballad. I love his rendition of “Ain’t No Sunshine”, “Falling Slowly” and “Heartless”. He has quite a shaky voice when he strains and did not go unnoticed by the judges. Deemed as the underdog in the competition, Kris has break through against all odds and emerges as the winner.

Adam Lambert  is notoriously known as the singer with black mascara, black fingernails and extraordinary vocal range. He can shout at the top of his lungs and still be able to talk perfectly the next day, which is insanely crazy. He loves to spice up songs with his own rendition. Some may like it, but some may not. He is good at choosing his songs to fully embrace his voice, plus he is the judges’ favourite, especially Paula Abdul, from the very beginning.

Both men, same dream, but the other else are different. Kris can sing ballads well, and Adam can sing practically almost everything. However, both of them are equally talented, so we don’t have to criticize them in any ways. They are talented in different aspects, and it is up to the people to determine their own winner.

Kris Allen has become my Top Three American Idol, coming as third after Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

Let us hope that Kris will have a bright future in the entertainment industry…


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