Chemistry Teacher

19 Jun

Behold, I’m using Chinese…





Why do good teachers leave Chung Ling, and the one that are not so good still gets to stay in this school? As I said earlier, Chung Ling is having a downfall, with few good, professional teachers remain in this school teaching… When we get to change teachers because of our schedule, why are the not-so-good teachers sill teaching us?

Behold, my lovely Chemistry teacher…

P6192245 by you.

Miss Ng Xiao Wen…

If you want to find her in school, just look for a tall teacher who wears office outfits every single day in the office. To teach 4 classes of Chemistry, it ain’t easy. Consider yourself, you have to teach the same thing everyday, and you have to balance it out among the 4 classes, so that one of the classes won’t be too far away.

She brings her humour to class, not forgetting her professionalism as a teacher. Maybe our class can be a bit overboard at some times, but Miss Ng can just still smile the next day she enters. Though she may not be a professional Chemistry teacher, but she ignites passion and determination to do her best in teaching us, and I can say, she succeeded! Not like some other teachers in Chung Ling…

To be honest, I did not really want her to leave but she has to… She is indeed a very dedicated teacher, as she reminds me of another dedicated teacher but left Chung Ling also.

The last day she entered the classroom…

All of us clapped our hands, and sang a classic song…


She couldn’t do anything, MUHAHAHAHAHA! *coughs*

Later, she revealed that she studied in Jit Sin before going to Union High School, showed that she was and is  clever student before and now. Then, she studied in Chung Ling High School during Form 6, and that’s when the pressure kicks in. Then, she advised her to study well in order to get a scholarship easier. The rest, picture-taking…

P6192271 by you.

The trouble-makers, the jokers.

Top (From left): Kevin Tan, Sean Tan, Tan Han Boon

Bottom (From left): Tai Zonghan, Lim Chang Sheng, Jason Ch’ng, Ong Kooi Jin, H’ng Lead Kert

OK, Lead Kert and Kevin Tan, you two don’t qualify for this trouble-maker…

P6192262 by you.


3 quarters of the class are in the picture…

P6192263 by you.

funny poses… especially Lim Chang Sheng, just behind our beloved Chemistry teacher…

Then, we took a few more pictures with Miss Ng, including me and her…

Final words, before I end the post…

Miss Ng, you are a very dedicated, young teacher who is willingly to take a step forward to teach us. Even if we have crossed the line, I hope you can still forgive and remember us all the way… We will definitely miss you a lot and we sincerely hope for the best.

Thank you, teacher! As the card we gave to you, You deserve all A’s from us, 4SA3 class! Don’t forget us! Till we meet again. Farewell, Miss Ng!

God bless this wonderful teacher…


One Response to “Chemistry Teacher”

  1. Xiao Wen, Ng July 3, 2009 at 12:17 am #

    hi 4SA3
    hi Brandon

    thanks for all the support & encouragement

    this is the BEST memory that i have ever had and it is with me, FOREVER


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