Mad Silence

21 Jun

(I will NOT delete this post!)

RSCN0511 DSCN0509

History will not be repeated… It is all over now…

No smiles, will you see… from this team… Even if we struggle to get it together, we know what the outcome would be…

These pictures were painted black and white to symbolize the end of this team…

All the angst inside of us was overshadowed with pride and glory, no one but us knew what happened…

All these months, is it going to end with our heads hanging low?

The six of us have gone our separate ways:

2 of us are being ditched to the extreme, our effort has gone unnoticed, but being judged as the extras

2 of us are struggling to get hold of their places in the team, but always being pushed down

2 of us are tasting victory and glory, have they forgotten the times with us?

I remembered the times that we laughed together, shared our thoughts together, looked through information together, thought together, shared our laughter together, will all of these drift away with time? Will this team meet the end of the road?

We know we are not the best, but at least we gave our best… Do you all not see that?

We know we have no experience, is that that reason you rejected us?

We know our team is imbalance in techniques, but will you give us a chance?

We know we have our own way to win, but do you see that?

We just hope to have fun together as a team, but all of you just want to win…

The anxiety of waiting the results together as a team, the excitement we have during debate, the passion we have together, the friendship we have as a team, will all of these be gone with the wind?

Mad Silence… It describes how angry we are inside of us, but it has been silenced out…

We agree to disintegrate this team in conditions, but what do we get at the end?

We agree to hold on to this team firmly, but in the end…

We agree not to piss anyone off, but is that all we get in return?

We have so much to say, we often sit in one corner during discussion while only one voice out their opinions on the motion, is this called a team?

We go unnoticed during discussion, do you see that?

(I will NOT delete this post!)

I have my freedom to write this, and don’t you judge me just because I don’t contribute as much as the others in the team.

If you want to spread the words, go ahead! I will not back off. I am pissed off at somebody, who can suck people’s asses just to please them…

As much as I want to spank them, I continue to pray to God to control myself. The pen is mightier than the sword.

God bless.


One Response to “Mad Silence”

  1. dnomsed June 23, 2009 at 6:19 pm #

    Hey! So long I didn’t come to comment xp 🙂

    Looks like you really let your emotions go here. Don’t worry, that’s not criticism. 😀

    I hope you can get over this debating stuff 😉
    You have been highly stressed with it, I can see. Let it go, as it has passed …


    I truly want you to be set free from all sorrow and hatred. You think you are far from God? Remember: God is right beside us. It is not a make-believe… But you have felt Him before… And keep asking for it again…

    Ask for freedom from these… I believe you will be much happier! For God gives us joy and peace!

    Read His word each day and pray.
    I am sure God will lead you.

    God bless! Talk to me in school 😉

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