Belated Teacher’s Day Party

27 Jun

I know that Teacher’s Day is over, but the school authorities decided to throw a party to celebrate this special day, dedicated to all teachers. Therefore, almost every class had a class party to celebrate with the teachers. We, Fourth Formers, did not have a chance to be in the hall, so we kind of slacked around everywhere.

First, I had to complete my Moral assignment, and helping my friends to take few pictures for theirs too.

DSCN0881 DSCN0884

Lloyd and Sean “cleaning” the white board in our class… I’m just wondering, why do we have to this same old project over and over again during these years?


Sean and I… Now what you don’t know, was that he actually took a chance to button up his uniform before taking this photo with me. Well, he did demonstrate his good attitude in front of the camera.

DSCN0891 DSCN0893

Kevin is on the left, doing his unfinished homework. Chang Sheng (still remember him?!) with his female idol, I guess?


Since the party won’t start until the 3rd period, we sat down and talked but I decided to walk over to 4SA5 class to chat with Wooi Keat and CCC from 4SA1… I saw them discussing their Chinese Debate motion, so I helped one side whereas Chin Chern helped the other side.


Ugh, if you can find one picture of him, without this pose, do tell me!

DSCN0903 DSCN0905

Two pictures of the school compound. I would prefer if no one walked at the corridor but that wasn’t possible. I spot a car in the car park…

I took a few pictures with my friends, so I’m sharing them with you all…

DSCN0916 DSCN0917

They are both “aquadite” in Shaun’s upcoming novel… Kee Khai and Chun Qi


Oh My Gawd… what are they discussing? It was so intense that chin Chern had to do the finger-twitching pose again…


Yi Jian, our cute monitor standing while Chee Yang, another cutie is sitting. Both of them are cute… Damn, I feel jealous when sitting with them.


Fashion advice: Do not put your face straight on and too near to the camera, otherwise, your face will be bigger!

Lead Kert, caught off-guard… So pathetic…


Here was the case, Cheng Chun Keat and I pretended to look through my camera, but we were actually taking pictures of people like Lead Kert off-guard. We were imitating someone until Lead Kert showed that kind of expression. Lead Kert, congratulations! You are on candid camera! Lead Kert, what were you thinking?


One of the notorious blogger, Lim Chien Ming, checking his camera! He dies for DSLR… The only perfect face you can get from him, is to capture while he does not look at you. See Chien Ming, you don’t have to do your weird facial expressions!

I stayed back after school for our debate discussion. GOOD NEWS!

Team B is back! This is our last chance to prove to the teachers that Team B is capable of winning again in debate! Next Friday, we will be seeing how it goes… Stay tuned…


Wooi Keat spent most of the time in the canteen, flaunting his looks and forcing us to admit that he is one of the cutest… you know what is cute? THIS!


This is cute… Wooi Keat.

Anyways, Chun Yeang was so sarcastic answering Wooi Keat back but Wooi Keat insisted that he was the cutest of them all. I was speechless. The other half, we discussed whether Chin Chern was really  involved in Wooi Keat’s Johor “raping”… We are so childish, I know…

We had a blast of time but the happy moments always end fast. Who does not want freedom from everything? We were happy that we did not have to study for one day.

I hope everybody appreciate their times in school, making friends, bonding friendship, and I hope that everyone will enjoy themselves in school. Don’t fret your school life, you should be grateful that you have this opportunity to study in one of the famous school.

God bless.


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  1. Justin July 5, 2009 at 1:28 pm #

    Cool party !

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