Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

18 Jul

I am not a super die hard fan of Harry Potter. I don’t read the thick-looking-that-will-eat-my-time-up novels, but I still manage to watch the movies. Perhaps the editors and director had already cut some of the most interesting parts in the Harry Potter series, but for me, I thought the visual effects and characters brought the story alive, and I was ok with that.

The fiery scene, which Dumbledore casted a fire spell that saved Harry, was the only part that was ok. I did not find the kissing scene interesting. Harry should kissed Hermoine, not Ginny!

This movie focused more a lot of Professor Dumbledore and Harry Potter, in the quest of finding what Voldermort had left… I thought it was lame at the ending that the story ended with the “all the Heroduex (forgotten the spelling) was all fake”… It was not really super fantastic and enticing to watch it over again.

Perhaps Jessie Cave, who played Lavender in the film, was the funniest character in the film.

Not super pretty, but was really cute and funny in the film. I thought that the hair and the makeup in the film, made her older than she normally looked. “My Won-Won” was the cutest quote in the film…

Evanna Lynch who played Luna Lovegood, was a total letdown in the film. Her role was so much better in the last movie, but she is an awkward pretty girl, who captured many with her special looks.

Well, I didn’t go alone to the cinema, who does? I went with Shaun, Wooi Keat, Chee Yang, Yi Qian, Kee Khai, Leonard, Edmund, Ming Zhong, Ying Hang and Zhan Yi (narrr!), together with a whole bunch of Chung Ling students, whom we met throughout the whole Gurney Plaza.

We went to Chilis for lunch, and my Beef Bacon Burger proofed to be the last meal I had today. It was so filling, and  Ming Zhong and I were struggling to get the food down. I kind of don’t believe Wooi Keat’s tiny appetite, despite having a larger proportion that all of us. Shaun was the real surprise of the day. He gobbled down his plate, and sat down waiting for us, while Ming Zhong, Yi Jian and I were eating. Despite his skinny figure, Shaun can eat anything down if he wants to. Therefore, do not get fooled by his appearance.

We walked around the plaza, before heading the cinema. It was packed with people…

After the movie, we sat down at Segafrado’s and had a little chit chat. We had dinner at 600 cc, a tiny restaurant. We spent a lot, and you should have seen Shaun eating and eating and eating, as if he was shipwrecked for 30 days. Robinson Crusoe could have the same appetite with him…

I really enjoyed the outing with my friends, as this will be the last chance of outing before having our next test. I really got to work hard this time, and no more computer, cause I did not do effing good with my results. It’s a shame that Chin Chern did not join us, because he just can’t let go of his Physics tuition.

Pray for me that I can stay focus and consistent. May I have more faith, passion and commitment in everything I do. Till then , I just want to sleep…The movie almost made me fell asleep…

Au revoir!


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