Out of Randomness… again!

21 Jul

I’m going cuckoo, once again! People find me changing, in terms of personality. Even my teacher kept asking about my change in emotions. She said I am “emotionally-bounded”. She said, I don’t look cheerful and happy-go-lucky like I did during my Form 3 times.

Debate! Debate has been bugging me… I grow fond of it one day, then despise it another day, then like it again! In fact, debate is one of the competitions that really pisses me a lot! Though debate may not be my cup of tea, but I still have to represent my class for the inter-class debate competition. I want to show that “SOMEONE” that I can debate, ok? I have that in my blood, still!

Pregnancy! I am such a busybody. People pregnant also want to care ah? (rotten English!) My Biology teacher got pregnant, now my Modern Mathematics teacher is getting pregnant also for about 3 months already. Wakakakaka. It’s good to have some fun, but sometimes pregnant teachers can be a bit emotional sometimes… (mood swings), then will be absent for a few days… (medical checkup!) aduh…

Studies! Haiz, time to study again?! Many people are striving harder to get better results. For those who did miserably (like me!), they will have to work harder to make it up for last time. I will also make sure that my results will not be the same as the ones who urm… well, let us just say, don’t expect the unexpected coming… cause it may… wakakaka.

I’ll be stopping here la…


One Response to “Out of Randomness… again!”

  1. Chee Yi July 21, 2009 at 9:38 pm #

    If you did poorly, then what about me? LOL. And yes even I feel that you changed. You say I’m emo, but you yourself are even more emo sometimes, try to ignore sad things that happen around you. =)

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