Inter-Class Debate

23 Jul

Yup, the annual inter-class debate competition was held in my school again. I’ve said this once, and I’m going to repeat. Debate is not my cup of coffee or tea or coke! I don’t think as fast as my friends in the school team does, but I think the experience we’ve gone through was the best of them all!

My class, 4SA3 got through the first preliminary round without having to debate, because our opponent 3TB3 gave up. We got the chance to go against 4SA5’s Team B in the second round. I have to say, that Wooi Keat and I talked less because we had to prevent ourselves from telling our main points.


Yeap Chun Keat was our first speaker, opening the motion of “成功是人生最大的收获”with his definition and main points. Then Alex Lim, from the opponent’s first speaker, opposing the title, making a statement that “失败是人生最大的收获”. Brandon, ME started to ask questions to Alex, and he actually felt into my trap, and I was quite happy. The list goes on…

Cheng Chun Keat actually purposely pretended to not say his points, because he did not want to win this round. Lead Kert was pretty unstable but actually delivered a good delivery that impressed the judges.

If I want to lose, I want to lose to someone who is at the same standard with us, and that we did our very best. My eyes were suffused with tears, when CCK actually boycotted the whole thing…

I was kind of impressed with myself that I can rebut the opponents’ points quite fast while free debating! That goes to show that I have something up my sleeves. And I rebut them fluently, not like someone! I finally gained confidence that I actually can debate if I really have the passion and commitment.

Though I lost today, I finally found myself that I can actually debate!

You know what?! Debate is a rascal towards me! However, all the love and hatred in debate has actually gained me some confidence and some quick thoughts when facing questions.

God bless, see you around.


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