24 Jul

Here I am, having amnesia after midnight. I have been busy lately  doing secretary job and so on. I am not sure about striving perfection in life… In fact, I am kind of confused what kind of reciprocation do I want.

Teenagers are starting to know more about the real world. Many have gone off course, but are we going to give up in fulfilling our dreams? Are we the kind of person, that will give up halfway or at the very end?

Once your friend promised you something, how would you feel if they forget that promise?

Hurt… Emo…Sad…


One Response to “Dreaming…”

  1. Chee Yi July 25, 2009 at 6:06 pm #

    Here we go again, the emo-ness. Seriously you need to chill. If a friend promised you something and forgot it, then they aren’t worth your sadness, don’t get upset just because he forgot it, or perhaps it is an honest mistake that he forgotten it?

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