10 Aug

you know your friend since primary school days, then got separated in secondary school. When you meet him or her again, there is a certain barrier, that will hold you two from talking. What are these kind of relationship? Shall we put them as insincere relationship or maybe awkward start?

How about we start with been assigned to different class? We are bound to be separated into different class, but we are sincere with each other, why can’t we continue to meet and talk like friends? Are we supposed to act like strangers when we see each other?

Secondly, will fame and glory rob our friendship? Just because you are the superstar of the team, we will forget those friends that helped you to climb the ladder of success, is this what you will do? Just because to please the higher authorities, you don’t want to befriend with your true friends?

Next, will an incident spelled the end of friendship? We friends play around and joke around, even mimic an act or scene, but is it because your temper and unwillingness that made you forget your friends? Will that small picture blind your vision to the big picture?

How can you turn your back after all such things? Desolation…

Just because of one small incident, made you forget our years of friendship?

Why must you be the devil and the troublemaker?

I am SICK and TIRED, of all of these. I have something to be worried about, and now you caused more trouble to my life. Do you know how badly hurt am I these days? Do you know how much I want to talk to you but your ignorance turned me off?

I don’t care what people say about us being too close! Those bitches ought to shut themselves up!

I treat you so much, not as a friend, but a companion, and yet you treated me like this? I felt betrayal and ignorance.

算了,免了! Since you want to treat me like this, I will do the same thing to you! I am a fair person. I will respect you, if you respect me first. If you cross the line, you will have no chance to turn back. In Brandon’s world, there will be no forgiveness if you hurt me badly!

For those of you, who still want to tease me, get your fat ass out of my world before I explode.


One Response to “Separation”

  1. dnomsed August 13, 2009 at 6:17 pm #

    It’s sad that there has to be partings sometimes…

    But for friends, we still must think, were we such good friends to them eithere?

    I can’t say yes for sure… I have been too busy caring about my own needs that I forsake some people..

    I need to say sorry — and thank you…

    Old fiends, will we reunite?
    ‘current friends’, will we ‘break up’?

    Still, we ourselves need to be that friend first… Love our neighbours as ourselves 😉

    Brandon.. You know, you are one of my treasured friends! There is no one who can take your place 🙂

    Rest in God.. God treasures you even more..
    Who would sacrifice himself to be crucified, hurt and go to hell for us?!

    We know that ‘La vie est unjuste’..
    Not all friends are loyal.

    But God is loyal. he is ever faithful, waiting there for you.

    Don’t get upset about those who hurt you.. I don’t know how it feels.. but I know it really hurts. but Let’s get it over with!

    This might come a little late, but I still hope you can liver a happier, more joyful and peaceful life without worries, with a best friend who never leaves you – God!

    God guide you in all that you do. :):):D:D;D

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