10 Aug

I’m not in a good mood nowadays!

For those of you think you can screw me up, put me down, THINK AGAIN!

I’m not the soft, effeminate person as you see in front of your eyes, until I reached my limit, you will never see the night coming.

All those bitches, you have awaken me, that this world is not a pleasant place to live!

Shut the f**k up or else you will see me explode!

You bitches, morons, imbeciles, idiots, get the hell out of here!


One Response to “Warning!”

  1. dnomsed August 13, 2009 at 6:08 pm #


    Are you fine?

    I pray you’ll be calm and have peace in your heart—

    Don’t let the anger drive you away..

    God bless – will talk to you

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