The Test

22 Aug

Everybody is sighing of relief as the infamous test has just passed. Four endless nights for some but I think that burning the midnight oil is completely an absurd idea. I think if we do our daily revision consistently, there is not a need to stay up late unless that is your strategy of revising.

I previously teamed up with my friends for a study group so that we get full coverage and understanding on almost each subjects. I think study group really helps a lot so that we can gain some knowledge and dispel the questions that you inquiry.

DSCN1476  DSCN1483

(From left): Kee Khai, Yi Jian, Shaun and Wooi Keat.

By the way, Shaun can also be called “Mr Chemist” because his Chemistry has been the best amongst us five for three consecutive times. His Chemistry has maintained 90+ and is still improving. Are we going to see him achieving 100 marks in Chemistry? We will see…

Shaun, can be seen, is teaching us on how to draw ionic bonds and covalent compounds… Thank you, Shaun.

DSCN1482 DSCN1490

Shaun, a bit disgusted that Wooi Keat has not managed to grasp the concept of covalent compounds, and demonstrating how to twist and twist and twist the newly-found hobby, Rubik’s Cube. I think the era of Rubik’s cube is taking Chung Ling by storm. More and more people are twisting this 3 x 3 cube like ever before… Many got confiscated in school by the prefects. Poor thing…

I will be sharing my review on this time’s test:

I super super love love the English paper this time. Finally, the questions are harder and more up to the standard. Words, like meticulously, painstakingly, and many other words are among the trickier vocabulary in the paper. It took  me a while to complete the rational cloze test as the answers are quite close, but the English this time is good. I’m not going to expect myself getting 100 but I hope that English really pulls my average marks up.

Chinese and Malay are not my forte language, so I’m not expecting high marks for these papers. Chinese is hard as always, probably because I’m not adept at interpreting the traditional text. One thing good about the Chinese paper is that we can memorize the 名句精华, so at least we don’t fail the paper. For those who are lazy to memorize them, that is your own fault. Malay is not really super tricky nor super unchallenging, but it takes technique to summarize the text and wide vocabulary skills to “bina ayat”.

Additional Mathematics and Mathematics are either my good friends or my worst enemies, perhaps I’m my own worst critic. I remembered that I had to change my place during the Additional Mathematics paper because some people didn’t want to switch on the fan. Anyways, the additional mathematics is not that tricky and I know how to do most of the questions, I really hope that I am not careless. If I am not careless, I may score quite high. I heard from 4SA2 friends, that Mathematics paper will be tougher because the teacher will insert Form 5’s probability in it, I was so nervous. Then, when I got the paper, it was not that hard as I expected but I think I made some mistakes…

Biology has not been my best subject yet, and I’m hoping it will be. I find that I am not that interested in cells because the Cell Division was quite a tough nut to crack, and it took a while for me to comprehend. The paper is not easy at all. I look at the first page and my mind immediately go blank. I really hope that my answers are able to convince my new Biology teacher.

Chemistry is my favourite subject now. The paper is, again, not that tricky but I HOPE that I am careful when I did my calculations. My teacher said that there are 3 students who obtained 93 in Chemistry, and I HOPE that is one of mine!!! Shaun got 98 for his Chemistry… “I’m too perfect to be angry!”

Physics has been quite a love-hate relationship with me, because of some reasons. I always mix up the formulae and I HOPE this time I did not. The paper is 100% easier than the last paper, but it is always my carelessness which takes a toll on me.

History is my second favourite subject. I don’t understand why people keep bitching, moaning, fretting, complaining about Islam and their names. Save time doing that and read! I breezed through the paper because I memorized most of the important points, and i HOPE I will do well in this paper! Keeping my fingers crossed…

Till then, I pray pray hard that I can score this time, to regain my glory! Have a nice day…


One Response to “The Test”

  1. Justin August 24, 2009 at 9:43 pm #

    Exam over … have fun and good luck in your chemistry (93 marks )

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