America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 13

12 Sep

Another cycle of America’s Next Top Model premiered on national television last night, and I am super excited about the whole season. This time, Tyra Banks chose petite model wannabees at the height of 5’7 and shorter. Most of the girls are very talented and they definitely have model potential in them.

The premier episode has been aired and I would like to arrange my call-out order to the pictures if I was Tyra Banks. The theme of the photoshoot was to re-enact models’ baby photo in a more fashion way, shot by Baldomero Fernandez:

Kara Vincent

Although she is not the most stunning girl in the bunch, her photo is amazing. Her profile is strong as she has strong facial features that sometimes may photographed very harsh or perhaps manly. Anyways, her fashion photograph is the best for me.

Nicole Fox

The red-haired girl sure knows how to pose high-fashionly. Her baby photo is something you can see from the fashion magazine, except that her face is slightly dead. She needs to work on her personality as I find her quite weird. She creeps me out… Oh, my friend, Shaun, just couldn’t stop saying “J’adore Nicole” or “Elle est magnificent” or “Je’ l’aime”!

Rae Weisz

The platinum blonde proves that not all blondies are dumb. She had to work a pair of 8-inch high heel ballet shoes in her photo shoot and she nailed it from head to toe. Her face is very ethereal and great. Chanel Iman, the guest judge, said she will practice this pose. Rae is also a single mother, who will compete for his daughter. How sweet!

Jennifer An


Who says these models are below 5 feet 7? This yellow fever is back with Jennifer. Though not as spunky as Sheena, she delivered this picture from head to toe. Her jawline is also amazing in this picture and the fact that she took most of the frame is brilliant.

Erin Wagner


Another stunning platinum blonde that produced a gorgeous picture… Her bleached eyebrows are creeping me out in the picture but you can deny, this picture is FIERCE! Somehow I think that petite models may be more professional than the models of typical heights…

Courtney Davies

She is in a cheerleading squad, where she broke her ankle while performing a difficult stunt but continued to compete. Her photo may be one of the most high fashion pictures I ever seen but she may look a little boyish in person. I hope her leg can recover soon…

Laura Kirkpatrick

She is such a sweet southern country girl who knows how to model. I just wish she would arch her back a bit to create more shape to her body.  I love love love love her personality and her face.

Brittany Markert

Click to view full size image

She was my favorite girl but I was a little disappointed at her performance on set. she did look like a model for porn website and did not give any fashion twist to her baby picture. However, I still think that she is still stunning with that black hair. I hope she can go far in this competition.

The rest are all bland and I have nothing to say… Bianca, your attitude stinks!

The photoshoot for next week is nude on the horse. Looking forward for that! But then, it’s time for me to say BYE!


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