America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 13 Final Four Review

18 Nov

Jennifer, Nicole, Erin and Laura were the FINAL FOUR in the America’s reality show, ANTM 13. I totally adored the final four for this cycle. In fact, the final six are one of the best in 13 cycles. Second is from Cycle 11. My favourites so far:

1st Erin Wagner (Eliminated)

America's Next Top Model

This Hawaiian happa shot is simply amazing. I don’t know about the haters out there, claiming that she does not change her expression whatsoever. This shot is gorgeous from head to waist. It’s a shame that she did not connect well with Tyra Banks, the photographer, but she did pull off an amazing happa shot. NOT BOTTOM TWO WORTHY!


She does know how to pose elegantly underwater but her picture is spoiled by the light on the face. This shot is great from far but not very nice up close. Her face was lost with the excessive light hitting her face. Still, she was not eliminated, thank God! By the way, Erin made history in ANTM but surviving the bottom two appearance three consecutive times without being eliminated. Lucky girl!

America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

Tyra claimed that her best shot was on the left, but I personally felt that the right on did more justice to Erin. Her post is amazing and the face on the right suit the theme well, which was the Goddess of Fire. Erin was eliminated at the 11th episode for giving away her insecurity in photo shoots and in person. She’s 18, and she has the typical teenager mood but I think that she deserved the Final Two along with competitor, Nicole Fox.

2nd Jennifer An (Eliminated)

Also known as the model who loves to open her mouth to catch flies in pictures.

America's Next Top Model

This is the only picture that she did not open her mouth, which I think it’s plain beautiful. The body angle may not work but the picture speaks the Hawaiian happa. I would not say that Jennifer is an outstanding model in the competition, but an “okay” modal throughout the journey.


How exactly is this picture worth of First Call-Out? To me, this picture looks like a dead corpse floating in the water with a dead facial expression. Her thigh muscles are hideous to be completely honest. I agree she looks tall by pointing her toes up though.

America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

Long shot, simply gorgeous. The pose is divine for a goddess. When we get close, I literally jumped from my seat. Plain hideous. The open mouth finally makes the picture look horrible up close after so many shots of her. She was eliminated for not improving and performing consistent in the competition. She definitely has the personality and she represents Asians in a very good way.

3rd Nicole Fox (Final Two)

America's Next Top Model

This girl is a model! This girl is crazy amazing! Every shot of hers in this competition screams models from head to toe. This happa shot is very beautiful, though Tyra ruin the picture a bit by not photographing Nicole full length. This picture is a worthy First Call-out.


This picture is amazing from head to toe, once again. Even her close up is sexy and alluring. Her club-footed caused her to get a second call out for that week. So unfair! This girl can model anywhere and anytime. I am rooting for Nicole all the way!

America's Next Top Model

Screw you, Tyra for not choosing a better picture for Nicole! Nicole did so well on set, that both the photo shoot director and the photographer felt inspired by Nicole. This picture makes her look so wrapped up with the clothes and lack attitude for a Fire Goddess. I’m rooting for Nicole ALL THE WAY! If she wins, she is the best winner at all times in the history of this competition.

4th Laura Kirkpatrick (Final Two)

America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

She can be adorable at times with her Southern looks and accent. But legs spread wide facing a camera is surely not a good angle for anyone. It looks like she’s re-climbing after she fell. Her face is so gorgeous up close… Love this girl…


No, this picture makes her look really short. The light caught the back of her body, but not the face. From far, her face looks quite dead but up close, she looks like an angel smiling to the sea creatures. Although she has a slight fear for water, she still managed to pull a good shot. Not amazing, but a good shot.

America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

Since when deer in the headlights work well in pictures, Laura? I don’t find any intensity in her face at all. Her performance on set was disappointing and I guessed she will be eliminated but SHE WAS NOT! Tyra and the judges were praising her with this good shot, although pointing out that she could look taller.

You are the golden tooth in a mouth full of decay.

Miss Jay?! WHAT THE HELL? You are obviously biased! You love Laura so much until you want her to win this competition! Laura is stunning but she does not struck me as an amazing model like the other three models listed above. She never got a First Call-Out before and has been quite average throughout the competition.

America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

My two favourite models are eliminated in a shocking double elimination… My hopes are all going to Nicole Fox to win this competition to do some justice. Seriously, if Nicole doesn’t win, I don’t know what to say!




2 Responses to “America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 13 Final Four Review”

  1. JaKens November 18, 2009 at 10:31 pm #

    Child. Nicole is F***ing hot!! Go girl!

    • john February 2, 2011 at 3:19 pm #

      I know she looks like so HOT. I wish I saw women like her walkin around what if she petite who cares about that in photos anyway..

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